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A Man and His Dog



Well this could be a long story but I will cut it short. I was glad to read in Ruth's Blog about a dog named Mumbles she got for William's pet and company that he loves just like he loves Ruth, his wife, and precious care giver of many years. It just so happens I got that same breed dog for my grand child a year and two months ago as a two week old pet for keeping her grades up in school. To this point in school she is still on the Honor Role and will get promoted to 5th grade when school ends in June.---------------------------------------Now, I see myself as baby sitter during the day and have gotten attached to this little puppy, a Shih Tzu, like the one William has. They are very good little dogs and love to stay with you all the time. She knows I walk slow with a cane so she waits for me. She loves to ride on the scooter too and at times she want to be out front like she is pulling the scooter with her leash. I think that is good therapy for any survivor to have a pet around them, a cat, a dog, or maybe even birds for that matter.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. I see why some people try to claim their pets on their tax returns and get caught every time. You can spend lots of money on their health and grooming up keep at the Vet in medical cost for them. This breed has long hair, about 3 inches if you let it grow out. I keep hers at about two inches and I find myself combing and brushing her daily to stop the tangles. My grand daughter named her Princess and that fits her personality I think. One day I hope to visit William and Ruth again soon and let the two pets meet. When she comes into heat again we got to carry her back to New Orleans for breeding. No more after that.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. We just want to keep one of the puppies and people have asked me for one they will buy. Those are expensive dogs too. My wife's nephew raises them to sell and he has the one to breed her with and the papers so we have to go there for this event. Me getting her registered cost too but you get more money when they are registered in the club with papers which drive the price up. I have spent out a little over a Grand on her up keep so far. With the plan I chose I have saved that much and more by my records I keep.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. One day Mumbles and Princess will meet and be friends! Each caring for a stroke survivor, how sweet is that?????


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