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Another War Again?



The one thing the world don't need now is another world war. I don't know the thinking North Korea is doing at this time but war is not the answer for any country or it's allies. I suppose their leader just wants to flex his muscles and his new found authority of their Army using missles to fire on the US. To me being a seasoned veteran, I view him as a very young gentleman with authority handed down to him from his father and he does not have the matruity yet to be in charge of an Army wanting to fire missiles at the US without repercussions to his country.


North Korea lost a great number of troops and devided the country for good between North and South Korea with a demilitarized zone between the two countres that has stood since the war ended. The US lost 38,000 troops and many wounded and well over 58,000 lost during the Vietna our aliesm war killed and many wounded and injured for life. The US and it's allies has been on the defense of this country and our allies for what seems like forever to me.


We are still in Afghanistan fighting a 10 year war with Iraq and Bosnia before that time. We have suffered many losses in wars both men and young women alike. Wars are very costly and it cost the US dearly to invade Iraq 10 years ago with over 6,200 troops killed again in Iraq alone. Our government basically is broke, loss our AAA credit rating and we got bills that can hardly be paid with all the blame pushed toward our President.


Should we be fired upon with missles from North Korea we must continue to defend our countries and our allies in Guam and our state of Hawaiia. From that time no one knows how we will fair with jobs, money, and housing for all our citizens. Me being a survivor of a stroke years ago makes me feel I can't help defend my country as I have in the past. That is a sad felling should this come to past. For me prayers are in order that North Korea will hold their peace and their missles on their land..


This was not the blog I wanted to write but looking at TV and seeing the news it's a. little upsetting to think of another war and we can hardly pay the bills on time while this country is so far in debt right now!


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Fred, you are a prayer warrior and that is of value to your country in war and peace. We all pray that it will never come to war and this as you say "very young gentleman" will see the foolishness in plunging his country into war rather than making a strong peace which would serve them better. Oh how easy it is to start something that will only finish in tragedy all round.


Fred, never feel you are not able to make a contribution or that your stroke has held you back. Just the job you do here as encourager, prayer warrior and befriender is enough to make your life on earth worthwhile.



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I agree Fred, as a fellow career veteran as well, I sure don't like the thought of another war. Many people think the military likes wars. Just ask someone who has been in one and you will find out differently. Nobody hates war more that a warrior. I don't think he has the missles yet to reach the western US, but our troops in S Korea, Japan and other places in the area are at risk. I cannot figure out why we still have our troops there anyway. Long past time to bring them home.


Fred, never think for a moment you are not able to contribute. You do every day here and elsewhere. I salute you, and thanks for your service!

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Fred :


I pray that this will not escalate in war, I am thinking N Korea is just flexing his muscle to gain young ruler some footing & respect in his own country, so all politics. hopefully he will not be stupid enough to start war. like others I salute you & thank you for your service.



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Guest hostwill





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We can't afford more troops lost and we don't have funds to support another war anytime soon! I pray and hope we all can enjoy our kids,grand kids, and those little great grands too! I'm very proud to be a great grand dad!

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