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A Man and His Dog



Well this could be a long story but I will cut it short. I was glad to read in Ruth's Blog about a dog named Mumbles she got for William's pet and company that he loves just like he loves Ruth, his wife, and precious care giver of many years. It just so happens I got that same breed dog for my grand child a year and two months ago as a two week old pet for keeping her grades up in school. To this point in school she is still on the Honor Role and will get promoted to 5th grade when school ends in June.


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Me too Colleen - love our cats. They are great company and fun to watch. However, the hairballs are something else. lol


Fred your dog sounds like a good companion for you too.



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dogs and cats for us... and i think i might just tell the neighbor to stick it - I am keeping them all- and if a dog makes a break for it , well he can call the cops- if it makes him feel better......... i am sick of giving things up fred good post ----- animals are our family, and i and dan are done giving up things...

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Your animals are your close family members, you feed them, house them, and pay for their health care. I got a little child's chair made just like my big rocker chair, same color and she knows it's hers. When another child sits in it she barks until they get up and move. I keep her leash there so when we go outside she jumps in the chair for me to put her leash on then she hops down and away we go. She is family now for sure!

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unconditional love is what you get from your pets. I really don't know how I would have made it through this world of stroke caregiving thing if it were not for Zeke our Chocolate Lab that we took in after Don came home.

Zeke was my angel here on earth as he would take me out of the house and listen to me cry and just put his head on my lap when I needed it.

Ruth did herself and William a big favor and now they are going to be loved by something very special. Sally

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Yes, the pet is just like family and he really knows how to talk to us. He is always barking at me . He wants me to take him out.


Take care.



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