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Finally, A Blog about Me, Cataract Surgery On My Eyes



The VA eye clinic told me I will need eye surgery for cataracts in both eyes, but the left one first because it is the worst. It's a matter of time it has to be done sooner or later. Well, I'm not getting any younger so why wait?? It will need to be done so I opted to start next week. Preparation will start on Monday the 15th thru 17th then the surgery will be 7am on the 18th. My wife wants me to get a second opinion from my other eye doctor so I will call him today.


I thought I could see pretty good and I changed glasses every year so far but I did notice me trying to read then trying to see the TV was hard to do. Also trying to read street signs and directions on the highways was a real problem for me lately. So long story short it's time to do this. There are risk with any surgery the doctor stated so I just want my prayer warriors to pray for success on the surgery on the 18th. I don't know yet when the right eye will be done but I will let all of you know.


My wife has to take that day off to drive me there and back home. I have to use my scooter in the VA or get a WC of theirs to get about. No way I could walk that far in those hallways. That's one big place. Only my car has the scooter lift in it and that was her car first until I bought the Subaru outback she has now.


A stroke will cause eye problems and sight lost in most people I know here on site. We keep changing glasses so often so I said "Do it now" get it over with as I said I'm not getting any younger and I'm still a little strong guy for my age. If any of you that may read this blog had or know a person that had this operation please let me know how they made out??


The two doctors I see used to work in the same office years ago in Galveston Texas and they still talk to each other now. That is why I will let him know today and get his opinion. He and I have talked about this operation being needed sooner or later. He has done many of this type operations and is considered the best in our area. He has never said anything about my doctor at the VA doing this surgery but she said yesterday she do them all the time and showed me the procedures of what is being done with the surgery and why it becomes necessary.


Well I think I have said enough to get your prayers and you know I have been saying my prayers since she told me I needed this done. I will let you know more later!


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Yes, Fred, I will say a prayer that your surgery goes well and recovery a speedy one. You have done your homework and I'm sure all will go well for you. I will probably have to have this too some day as it is one of those "fun things" of aging.



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Fred :


you will be in my prayers on the day of surgery for speedy recovery. My mom & brother-in-law both have gotten cataract surgery & it went well for both of them. Brother-in-law was back to work in a week. people say sometimes after the surgery your vision becomes better than before.



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Guest lwisman




Good luck to you!


My sister had cataract surgery two years ago. The day after the surgery she was driving. Now she only needs glasses to read. It was a simple operation -- day surgery.


My eye doctor says my cataracts won't need to be removed for 15 years.


It was big deal when my grandmother had hers removed in 1967. Now, it is no big deal.



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I'll be happy to remember you in prayer on the 18th and beyond. Lauren had cataract surgery and it was good for him. Best wishes! ~~Donna

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My mom had both her eyes done... she wasent post stroke though either... but she was in her 70's and she did amazing with it... good luck ....

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Hey Fred, As you said you are not getting any younger, so why not get the knees fixed one at a time after you settle down from the eye surgeries? You might as well be the "best" you can be!

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Thanks for all your prayers my friends and fellow members!


Nancy, that is exactly why I opted to have it done now rather than wait any longer. One doctor says sooner or later it has to be done and my VA doctor see the same thing so I said, "Lets do it now." I called the first doctor he said "Do it now." My wife had me get a second opinion but when I tried to read that eye chart at the VA and got no line correct I knew it was my time not to wait any longer.


As I mentioned earlier both these doctors worked together in another town in Texas and know each other very well. Both of them happen to be from India and highly acclaimed in this field of care. They both make me feel like one of their favorite eye patients!

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I know someone who just had both eyes done for cataracts and she worked from home THAT DAY, and had no problems except a little blurry, but they said it would keep getting clearer, and it did in a few days. Hope yours goes as well!

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