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A Week To Prepare My Mind For An Operation



In six days my wife will take off work and drive me to the VA hospital for eye surgery on my left eye. It's a one day operation with days of preparations' and meds in the eye. I aim to stay strong but even with my faith I was told of the risks with this kind of surgery enough to make me think harder of the risks.


Right now it's all in my mind and head I have to eliminate. When I think about I may not need glasses any more I feel better but then I got one more eye to get done. Getting my mind to co-operate with my faith right now is the problem. My biggest problem was trying to understand Why I couldn't read the eye chart at all. I mean I couldn't make out one letter on any line. Just a month ago my other eye doctor said I would need surgery but not too soon. I read the chart then pretty good I think?


Anyway, I decided to have this done NOW rather than wait any longer when I'm much older. Then knowing it must be done at some point I just said why not now? Appointments all day 16 April starting at 7am so that requires us to leave home by 6am to make the 25 mile trip to the VA in the morning traffic to be there for 7am. It's an hour by hour preparation on the 16th, two days before the operation day.


On the operation day I must be there for a 630am start in the operation room with anesthesia of the eye. It has to be numb on one side (the inside of the eye) then the outside is still alive so they can see the reflexes of the outer eye. Right there you can imagine where my mind will be. I just don't want to move a muscle nowhere in my body at that time.


But that's the very time a human mind starts to wonder about the risks. Then I start to pray more for success and guidance of the hands of the doctor by God. She already has the knowledge to get the job done as she have done many times before this one. THEN I got one more eye to undergo this process and my preparation. So members I thank you all very dearly for your prayers and thoughts doing this double process to get both eyes done!


I now know I couldn't do this without your prayers and thoughts and of course my own faith in God! THANKS SO MUCH!


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fred you know our prayers will be with you. i also have had to have eye surgery since my stroke(not related to stroke)i remember being terrified. however they gave me my i.v. and although i was awake during surgery and talking i honestly did not feel anything. i wish you a very speedy recovery. blessings lynn

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My Mom, who's in her 80s, had both eyes done separately and was THRILLED with the results. She had cataracts but also near sightedness that she wanted corrected so she didn't have to wear reading glasses. She really pushed for it through Medicare. She's never scared of anything though, wish I was as brave as her. But she acts like it was nothing, my sister drove her there and then home later. There was a recovery period of just a few days. She is very pleased with the results and constantly bugs me to do it too. Not likely unless I go completely blind.


Good luck Fred and try not to worry TOO much, at least your wife will be there with you.

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Fred it is gonna go terrific -- you have a terrific outlook and will do well no matter what...this will be just a bump in the road.. down for a day or so tops... and then fred will be up and at EM again...

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You certainly will have my prayers for your surgery. You will do well I am sure. 4


Take care and let us know how it goes.



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This is going to be great! You know you are in my thoughts and prayers and will be awaiting news of your swift recovery. Debbie

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