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The Time Has Come!



Today is the first day of the week my operation will be performed this Thursday on my Left eye at the VA eye clinic. This is new ground for me dealing with my eyes so I will pray and hope for the best outcome at my age. I'm told by many other people this type of operation is pretty much routine these days with all the knowledge doctors have now so that sounds great to me.


The operation is no surprise as I was told a year or two ago I would need this done they just didn't know when. So the time has come. My big hope is I can do without more eye glasses after wearing them all my life it seems. This may seem a bit like lasic eye surgery which is very, very expensive from what I see in the news papers where they advertise.


Tomorrow is a heavy appointment day starting at 6am and throughout the whole day then I rest up on Wednesday to be ready for an early rise and get to the VA on time for 7am. My wife got that day off to drive me there and back home. Then it's wearing the eye patch for a few days even sleeping in it for several days too. You guys know I'm praying for every step of the process and I have confidence in the female doctor whom have treated me now for a couple years already.


Once my eyes are better I got a dental appointment for a yearly cleaning that should have been done already but better late than never. We all know how the VA operates with so many veterans they care for daily across the country. So this will be my blog for a couple weeks or so until I'm able to see my way and that takes time we know.


I wish I could say my wife will keep you all posted but that won't happen I know on my computer. Again I'm looking at a one day affair for my eye but will be repeated again for my Right eye. Many of you will know my absence from the site is medical and I shall return soon I'm praying!!!


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Fred :


My prayers with you, come back fast with your blog, could you please tell your wife to drop us a line saying all is well, so God will be able to focus on something else since we all will be praying for you.


miss you already


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