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My Left Eye Operation went very well Thanks For All Your Prayers!



I appreciated all the prayers you all said for me. My God heard each of you and so far I can see so much better in both eyes although the doctor only operated on my Left eye for now. There is a chance I may not need the Right eye operated on for awhile! The Left eye came out better than she expected in correcting my vision. She said to me if I had gotten this done a few years ago I may not have needed glasses as strong as I got now.


She put in a lens that makes my vision closer in both eyes with low vision glasses. I return for more information and checkup on next Tuesday and a decision will be made on options of my choice. They give you a lens card with all the information on it saying what you got in that eye. It's primarily for cases of an accident or you reach a point in life where you can't talk or tell when and where you had the eye operation done.


I told her I wanted the other eye done before she got my age and her hands start to shake a little bit and her eye sight go dim. She just laughed and said she would be retired by that time. I do think she was glad I decided to have the operation now at my age rather than wait any longer. See at the VA they don't force you to have anything done they just suggest and leave the decision to you.


I think that came about with many veterans and family members saying the VA just want to get rid of you anyway they can. I heard that said by many vets and wives when I was working at Wal-Mart. Also if the VA owed you money or back pay they were waiting until you die. I can't say that's true and nobody can but it does appear to seem like it works that way. Just recently another claim is out about the VA hiring more people to clear the backlog of claims owed to so many Veterans.


So to my fellow Vets here keep checking on your claims if you submitted one so you can get your money or back pay due you! I finally got mine this month but I had to hire an attorney who gets 20% of what you are due. In my case I have PTSD at a hundred percent so my wife is appointed my fiduciary over everything concerning me! So my nine years of fighting the VA system has ended now I just continue my Home Health Care where I have an assigned nurse come to my house often to check on my health and order anything I need for living.


I make very few 50 miles round trips to the VA anymore and that's for things I can't do with my nurse like my eyes, dental, prostate and any other appointment I must go there to be seen. All my meds are by mail and they send my Boost drink by truck. I do have to go there for anything I need for my scooter repair or parts.


Take care all and may the good Lord bless you daily. He knows our hearts better than we can ever imagine!


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happy to here your good report, Fred. I have noticed the VA is far better now than it was when I retired 30 years ago. Now you will be able to see your wife more clearly and tell her how beautiful she is!

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Fred :



happy to see you back with great report. I agree with George with your new lenses you will be able to see your beautiful wife better & ler her know too.



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Fred. so happy all went well with your eye surgery. Thanks to your wife for posting here. Now you can go back to enjoying life.



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Fred, I tried to reply the day you made your post, but my computer would not stop locking up. It's behaving better now and it is great news to hear that you can now see even better than anticipated! That is just wonderful news!

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