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One More Trip To The Eye Doctor



Today's appointment revealed my next surgery appointment for the Right eye this time to remove the cataract and put in the lens so I have equal vision in both eyes. The doctor will do it on 16 May with a preopt on 13 May which is next month. She didn't know last week when she would do it because her schedule is full all the time by having only one eye surgeon at this VA. I will not be as scared this time around and the procedure is not what I had in mine and was afraid to ask. My first thoughts were my eye would be cut someplace but that's not the case.


I had another little scare last week when I assumed something had gone wrong with the first patient to cause a nearly two hour delay. Three of us were on schedule to get the same type operation and I was second in line. The AC unit quit working in the operating room to cause the delay until it could be repaired again. Anyway I'm still praying my right eye procedure will go like the first time with no problems. I can just imagine with age the operation could be a small problem with the eyes a bit weaker the older you get. So having it done now is my best option I think.


I must remember I also have glycoma problems too in both eyes and have meds for that too. The best part is after it's over you can really see much better and nothing looks out of focus. My eye glasses will not have to be quite as strong as they are presently. Probably sure will not need bifocal just regular lens. Should it come to that I can probably buy a pair reading glasses like I see older people do at the stores. It's funny how you feel a bit better after going through the procedure once already.


I guess your sight is the one thing you don't want to loose after being a stroke survivor for nine years. There goes you ability to drive and go places on your own. It's like not having a car to drive and that would really set me back some years. So I got a few more weeks before this takes place but this time I'm really ready.


On top of that I was scheduled to start PT again this week but that will have to be delayed until late June or early July. Things will work out I got the faith more this time around and not in the dark about how it's done. I am ready this time and I already got dental appointments scheduled in June. Maybe I'll feel like a new veteran after this is completed? I hate going to doctor appointments for anything but this may change my mind.


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Guest lwisman


Hey Fred,


Sounds like things are going well for you. Congrats on getting the second surgery scheduled so soon. Modern medicine is great. I remember when my grandmother had a cataract removed in 1967 she did have major surgery and was in the hospital for a week. Sure am glad lasers were invented!


Take care,



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