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The News Media's Coverage Of The Texas Disaster Last Week!



I hope many of you around the country can get to see your local news stations or CNN sometimes today of the coverage they provided here in Texas of the explosion in the city of West, Texas. Many of the first responders from the fire departments across some cities were killed and some residents in homes and a nearby nursing home was affected. Many people old and young were injured from the blast of the fertilizer plant that caught so many by surprise. It's so great we can honor all our fallen heroes who comes to the aid of all those in harms way. So I hope many of you get to see it on TV or on your computer. The president and first lady was in attendance held at Baylor University, Ken Starr president of Baylor and Governor Perry and many other officials attended the ceremony honoring all those who lost their lives as first responders.


Just when we feel the worse off being a stroke survivor life reminds us it could be worse in many cases and we are still alive Even the bombing in Boston caused many people to now lose their limbs as many veterans have in fighting wars for our country and still return home with a smiling face to our loved ones we left behind. It is so amazing how we all can come together in a bond like family to support each other in any crisis situation. We have other fire fighters here from many other states showing their support of their fellow fire fighters who doing their duties gave their lives trying to save others after the big blast occurred in the city of West, Texas.


We do that same thing here in the Stroke Net Community trying to comfort others whom have survived a stroke and need so much information about what to do next. Then adjusting their lives to live as best we can as a survivor. It feels almost impossible to do but we learn more each day about recovery and the fact that we are still alive where others like the first responders gave their lives trying to save others from disasters.

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