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I Have Decided!



Well, the left eye was such a success in removing the cataract I decided to go ahead and do the right eye on the 16th of May at the VA. I can really see so much better it's astonishing to me. And if I put my glasses on they are so strong it takes my sight in the left eye away. I may not even need glasses anymore after the right eye is corrected if I continue to see this clearly when both are done. Then age is not on my side so I must do this now I'm not getting any younger each day.


If I do require glasses they will be low vision and probably no bifocal at all. I shall see. I keep my glasses in the car because I have that restriction on my driving license to drive with glasses only. I now have a card in pocket to show I have the lens in place and it shows the correction made. I never thought of ever having this done in my life so now I am eager to get the other eye done next month to see how the world looks to me then.


In the meantime I keep putting three different drops in daily on an hourly bases but skipping an hour at times. I guess that helps the lens they put in to set and be lubricated to set in place. I'm afraid to ask many questions right now it's all so new to me but as I said I really do see much better. I don't know the cost of this procedure but if you suffer from cataract as I do you may want to consider have this done to be able to see so much better and maybe not need glasses at all.


So if I can just remember my schedule for the drops going in things should turn out OK. I think I can see now why so many people use contact lens instead of regular eye glasses. I still have to ask what happens should the cataracts return if that's even possible?? For now I'm a happy camper at half done so I will know much more in the coming months about what I have done with my eyes.


Do any of you know of someone that has had this surgery done for their eyes?? Just wondering!!


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oh yes my mom had both eyes done ---- successfully --- no issues for about 5ys ( when she passed away) but she always spoke happily of having it done !!

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Guest hostwill






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Hey Fred I never had surgery on my eyes. I am too afraid and with my left field vision gone, I don't know if surgery would make things better or worse. I dont have cataracts. I dont even know what that is lol but I have astigmatisms in both of my eyes. I have been wearing contacts since 10th grade but I just decided to go back to glasses since it will be cheaper for me without having to pay more for the contacts that correct the astigmatism. Contacts are convenient but they do not get along well with the pollen so I usually wear my glasses during this season anyway. glad your surgery went well!

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Fred, go for it. Everyone I have know who had this surgery has had success. I would love to go without my eyeglasses but can't see much without them.


Be thankful for a good doctor to get you through another surgery with success.



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Thanks every body: Nancy, did your mom wear glasses at anytime?? :Will, should it come to pass at any age get this done if you ever need to see better! : Ruth, I'm really amazed at the difference this can be in how much better you can see the world. Wish I could have seen this great when I was on the Pistol Team all those years, I would have held some record scores! : Katrina, I don't know in your case but putting in contacts may be sorta hard with one hand?


Well let's hope the right goes well,I can see much better and may not need glasses any longer. But even if I do just seeing and reading better is a blessing! Like now when typing goes past about 7 lines I get lost trying to decipher what is being said!!

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Fred, you will feel such a relief to not have to depend on glasses! I am so happy for you. I don't think it's possible for cataracts to return. I think they are from the original lens going cloudy and if it's gone, then, seems like it can't happen? Ask the doctor. My husband didn't have that surgery, but did have laser surgery and he had long term plugs put in his eyes to keep the drops from going down his eye ducts. Be sure to always use them as much as they say, don't risk problems!

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Fred, My ex father in law had this done on one of his eyes and had good success with it. He had to continue to wear eyeglasses though. Maybe his sight was worse than yours. I do remember however that he had to have it done a second time but I am not sure of the reason why. It did help his sight because otherwise not having it done he would have went blind. He had to do the drops also and it is very important that you do them so that the lens does not dry out. If I remember correctly he still has to put them in his eye but not every hour anymore. His stitches are permanent are yours?

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