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If It Isn't One Thing It's Another!



How many times many of us has said those words??? Then we say here we go again!! OK, we just had the floors titled in each bathroom, the kitchen and both the front doorway and the garage doorway entries into the house. Well now the ceiling shows a water leak on the first floor celling near the celling fan in the family room. We had the people put in a new commode in our bedroom a bit taller so I don't have to use the extended seat to make it higher for me to get up from.


So some place upstairs the water is coming out. The bathtubs, commodes, or the central AC unit is leaking. We just replaced the whole roof a day or two earlier from a severe wind storm back in February that removed many of the shingles. I couldn't believe my deductible was a whooping two thousand and fifty dollars. Nowhere near what car deductibles usually be so I'm trying to get over that shock and now the water leak to the first floor celling which can only come from the second floor. There is no water coming in from the roof.


The crew doing the floor title and commodes checked and no water was visible to them or to me so we paid them the balance but may have to call them back for one more check. In the meantime I'm contacting the home insurance crew again to have them come out and take a look. Maybe than can pinpoint the cause of the leak. I just hope it's not that high deductible again to get it fixed. If so I guess I need to find a good Plummer to figure out the problem.


Meanwhile I still got to go to the VA in a week or so to get my right eye done. After that I may not have to use glasses at all. I'm deep into that "If it isn't one thing it's another" era. It seems to all come at you at the same time, why is that??? I'm still very thankful the roof is done with 25 year shingles and both cars are holding up with the miles we put on them weekly.


So for now finding the cause of this leak is number one and it's so bad we had to put a bucket there to catch the water. No sense in thinking about new carpet until we get that problem solved. We had the house built in 2000, 13 years ago, and never thought about this kind of repairs this soon. But life is all about surprises, changes and challenges as time marches forward.


The last time I thought about life like this was when my mom passed at age 85. She had an insurance policy for burial worth 500 dollars she bought for 10 dollars when she was just 35 years old. Fifty years later there was no way you could have a funeral for 500 dollars. My wife's mom had the same type policy when she passed and we all had to put money together to get her in the ground three years ago in New Orleans.


That's just another reason I'm glad God kept me here for a while longer to enjoy life with this wife I feel he sent to me. I look at all the flooding around the country even in Houston, my home town, and know many home owners will have to get their homes done over after the water settles and some won't have flood insurance policies.


That's why we should enjoy each day on this earth with our families because no one knows when it could be much worse for any of us! We are all here just for a little while and nature can change courses anytime. Just look at North Dakota they got water all over the area and I can't help but to think of Nancy and Dan. I pray they will be OK. As I say "If it's not one thing it's another" we must keep saying a prayer for all the people to survive whatever comes next!


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Ya Fred, that's life as a homeowner. We are getting a new roof but with NO insurance coverage. I couldn't get it. So, multiply your deductible times about 4 and that is our cost! I may be ready for a condo some day but when we moved in 2004, after 38 years in one home, it about killed us! I will try to keep up here for a few more years.


We have flooding here in certain areas too from the Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois rivers. We are not close to them but a lot of people were flooded out.


At least spring is getting better and summer is around the corner. We are still able to move around so thank the Lord for that. Others have our prayers that have it so much worse.


Good luck with your home repairs and your next surgery.



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Sorry about all the stuff happening- the old addage " when it rains, it pours" seems to fit here


Life really reminds me of the carnival game where you have a mallet & as ech new critter's head appears you try to hammer it down as soon as you get it down another appears.- I guess it is part of the journey.




Susan from Alberta Canada

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Fred: I agree, if it is not one thing, it is another. But I learned from you "God does not give us more than we can handle!"


I don't know if stuff really piles up more at times, but I do know I handle things less efficiently when I am under stress and you certainly have had your hands full recently. Nothing is more scary than dealing with your vision. And then to have to make the decision to take the same gamble on the other eye.


My guess is the new commode - only recent change you made in the plumbing. All new floors and a new roof and you have to worry about a leak. One positive, you had the house built, you have the drawings, so at least you know what was original and what was changed. But as Julie advised, it is neverending with our homes.


Go easy honey. Leave that bucket in place and monitor it and then just try to concentrate on some down time with the puppy and getting ready for the next eye surgery. Prayers, Debbie

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Fred --- i know the frustration ... water can follow a strange path and end up somewhere way different than where it started... hopefully you get this resolved and sorry about the deductable ... yuck ...nancyl

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