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2nd Day Of May Feels Like Winter



I guess I could have expected the weather to change here in Texas like it has on the East Coast. Today the 2nd day of May and the temps are between 32 and 45 a far cry from just a couple days ago. The next couple days are going to be even colder with wind gust around 30 mph! The force I can hardly stand up in much less walk with a cane. I love to get out side every day with my little puppy to walk on the side walk down to the street corner and back. My street is actually three blocks long (15, 16, and 1700 hundred blocks) between two cross streets on either end. I'm right in the middle in the 1600 block so I got plenty area to walk and never leave my street. Sometimes on my scooter we go all the way around the block and back. When she hear other dogs barking she jumps back on the scooter between my feet for safety sakes.


The weather is one thing none of us can do anything about and the saying here in Texas is , "If you don't like the weather now, just wait a few minutes it will change." That is so true because at times we are sitting in the garage, the sun is shining bright and the next thing you know it's cloudy and starting to rain. After the rain my grass and weeds in the back yard grows a foot or more in one day. This is the El Nina season what ever that means so we expect weather changes all the time.


Where ever you live I hope the weather is true to the season this time of year with plenty sunshine. Some of you survivors and care giver ladies like to get outside and get your Tan going. Just don't over do it and get burned that hurts. Before too long it will be Hurricane season (about mid June)and who knows how many will be coming this year. We sure don't need any more to hit us like Sandy did the east coast. People are still trying to dig out and rebuild homes in that area.


You know mankind struggles with any disaster created by Mother Nature and in all cases it takes years to recover from what took just minutes to disrupt. Look at strokes, they can happen in seconds in most cases and it takes us years to recover and then not completely. The key word becomes survival as apposed to victims of a stroke and in some cases Strokes, more than one! When you survive one you don't want another one for sure but the choice is not ours to make.


In most of the stroke cases the person is healthy and we wonder why me? I guess the answer is Why Not?? Sure so many health conditions causes strokes but very few of those with the conditions ever have a stroke. Since I been here on site I have read about more people having accidents which lead to them suffering a stroke than those with health conditions that causes strokes. That leaves the brain bleed strokes in a class all by themselves even different from the AVM strokes.


No matter how careful people are strokes are bound to occur in young and old alike and just recently it appears more young people are starting to have strokes very often these days. One time not that long ago strokes were something that happened to older people was the thinking by most people around the world. Now we know that was not the case. I think the stroke therapy has improved as people know more about strokes and how to treat for recovery. I say all of that because the warmer weather sure does seem better for stroke survivors than winter like weather to me.


Many survivors need to get outside in chairs, scooters or with canes and cold icy and snow creates a surface almost impossible for them to get outside at all. Many of us have to transfer from chair to car seat when we need to go on appointments or just out shopping with our care givers. Then at some point we learn to drive again and that is the greatest feeling a survivor can have. I was glad to stop using my chair and start using my scooter then being able enough to drive again just made my world if I don't get much more back from the stroke I'm OK!


So good weather, sunshine and no rain I'm a happy camper. Here is wishing all of you where ever you are now lots of warm weather and plenty sunshine. Of course I know different parts of the world has different weather and seasons but enjoy what you can while you can because staying indoors is no fun. When I get my other eye done on the 16th we are headed to the casino in Shreveport, LA.


Around the same time if this little dog comes into heat we got to carry her to New Orleans for mating and delivering her little ones as we all agreed when we got her from my wife's nephew. He is in the puppy selling business with certified and registered dogs. If I learn how to post pictures from my cell phone I will post pictures of her now and of her litter when that time arrives. He tells me she just has to stay with her puppies for the first two weeks then we can bring her back home for my little grand daughter again. He has all the setup there to care for them until they are sold at prices from five hundred and up! I couldn't be in that business! Sounds like it's too time consuming for me. He has all kinds of animals including snakes, rabbits and birds.


Time to get some stuff done for the day!! See Ya later!


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Fred: please don't send that weather my way - LOL. We just had 4 full days of Spring - finally. High 60s and only one night below freezing - maybe our plants are finally safe. Although last true date, according to the Farmer's Almanac, for hard frost up here in New England is May 30th.


Your dance card is certainly full. Wonderful Spring plans for you and the family. Debbie

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Hey Fred, at least you can see where you are going now clearly no matter the weather. At least half way see anyway! Next week is my knee surgery. The surgery does not particularly concern me as much as the recovery period does. Me with crutches is not a pretty sight.

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