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Funny spring story!



So it's spring right? I got up this morning to check the status of the winter storm. I looked at the driveway.... went out to our little township road..... Nope, I was not going to make it to work in my Honda Accord. So what else do I have to do? I'll clean the driveway. Hop on the tractor, and I begin to clean the drive. Snow is heavy so i am using the loader bucket. Got to the sidewalk to the back deck. Got stuck.... slid and hit the side of the house! Put a hole in the siding. Started fixing the siding. Siding fixed! I should have went to work!



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Sometimes it seems like we should have stayed in bed and would have come out a lot cheaper? This is one of those cases where they say "Sh** Happens"!

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Hey Terry,


I know you don't care for country music and we hicks get a bad rap but we do get it "right sometimes!


Fan or not I'm sure you remember George Jones... and that he had a huge drinking problem. It got so bad his wife would hide his keys to keep him from driving and from going to the bar. One night he was determined not to let that stop him. The result ended in a song titled "she might have took my car keys but she forgot about my ol' John Deere!"


Got tractor will travel!

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I finally had the time to read your post and so glad i did.... in our farming years senerios like this played out daily.. LOL... even now - not as "grand" as your story... but at least you have your sense of humor.... nancyl

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