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Last Visit......



Well I finished up with my psychologist last week. It was a good experience. He helped me look at the big picture. I approach things better now. I learned to accept things as they are. That I am accepting the new me. It took almost six years to figure that one out. :Scratch-Head: But I am a little slow. I am glad I did go. I had to complete a training class for a whole week at work. I was in a room all week for training, one on one training. My biggest fear was not allowing anyone to see my deficiencies and I was always trying to hide them, or worried someone would notice one. The training went well, I thought my memory would be an issue but it held up just fine. We covered allot of different material, robotics, motion control, interfaces. I did ok. I actually missed one day due to some other issue at work and I made it up last week. So it did not turn in to doom and gloom as I had thought. And , so what if I have a few things wrong with me. Who doesn't? Acceptance has set me free.



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Hey Terry, congrats on being you and accepting that. If when you look at the guy in the mirror you know he is doing the best he can, don't worry about what anyone else thinks.

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I love that...I have a few things wrong with me, who doesn't? What you have wrong is so much better than some of the rotten habits I've seen in the business world. I am going to say this to my husband on a daily basis now.

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Terry, I suppose I am a bit like you...what I got, I got and probably had it for a number of years. Some for so long I forget I got them so when the stroke came calling my name I stood up accepted it and hey, I'm still on the move. You know psychology is one of my good studies and just could be the reason I'm still married to wife #4 because man I have had some downs in my life.


It could be the reason I don't see being angry at your wife or spouse wanting to fight or disrupt their life when as a stroke survivor you got to depend on them?? Can a stroke do all that to a real man??

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acceptance i think is key -- i think it is a big root to a lot of dans issues-- i think he reaches different levels of acceptance and then he looses that momentum. and stumbles -- good for you -- i am gald you have been working on this issue and it is huge for all... congrats!!

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It's working so far. I handle situations much better then I used too. I wish I would have went a long time ago. My anxiety level is going down and the plan is to reduce some of my meds this year. I do not think I will be anxiety free but maybe I can deal with it in a better way other then medication. That will be my goal.


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Terry :


this is such a great news. I feel I turned corner in my emotional recovery once I reached my acceptance. life becomes so much joyful once you cross that hurdle on your life's journey.





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