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just keep swimming, just keep swimming



ok i chose that title because it is how i feel in reference to our life.. i think it is off of Nemo... just focus and keep moving...so i am every bit confused today as i have ever been,, he is back to running a temp despite the third medication, but his pain was far less today not as many muscle spasms... the day went on and he really did pretty well .. we talked a little - he stayed dry for the most part, asked to brush his teeth , ate "some" at every meal even enjoyed eating some.... we have decided to put off the hernia surgery till the infection is gone... we kept anticipating it would be, dan even stood today for a few seconds with the PT's help.. it hurts the edema makes it hard... painful... for him but he did what he could.. thank you honey... we cuddled in bed a little - he wanted me in there with him... but we have had a episode of something it might have been a seizure but he rolled over and eyes awake he just stared ahead, beth was with me ( just got off work here at the hospital) ...i sent her to get a nurse , she left and dan continued to stare ahead then he just closed his eyes and seemed to pass out... so seizure ???? the nurses and i arent sure whats going on, so we are bringing the ER doc up to look at him... might be a post seizure sleep- those are deep- and for a few moment right after the episode he responded by squeezing the nurses hand and even talked hurts all over... but now is seems deep under... i have sent beth home, its like he is comatose again.... he seems peaceful .. wew were watching a rerun episode of the BIBLE saga on the history channel.... and i pointed out to dan the narrative jesus had with lazareth, when he brought lazareth back to life... i cant remember the specifics but basically now there is no more death... i'm gonna publish now and write more as a add on when i know more.... i really am thinking something is definatley going on in his brain, new stuff...... bad or good i do not know.... but this is all new , and i could run to a nuerologist and depending how this plays out we will see if one gets involved ( from a distance) but i doubt anyone can tell me anything --- the brain being that absolute mystery it is.... just keep praying, just keep praying... is maybe a more accurate name to this post....


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thanks everyone , the night was uneventful and picked up some good info from the phlebotomist, about dan having a port put in -- the doc had suggested it, she explained it in depth to me... the pros ( few cons except the actual surgery to put it in) the actual caregiver aspect of it... so when and if this infection clears this might be the best option...my daughter erika said there is enough help at her job today so she is gonna come and sit with her dad.. and told me to leave and go do something today... i'm gonna see about my roots --- i have a lot of grey going on will check my blood level ( hemoglobin) to make sure i am not running a bit low myself.. LOL ... good thing they were anticipating dan having surgery and we are the same blood type... so i will make sure none goes to waste ... doubtful it would either way, we are both O positive.. as is most of the rest of world... so i do plan a "me " day.... finally we have secured temporary daycare for weston... till schools out anyhow... so thats a plus for everyone.. the prro little guy is so bored... brother came and got dogs.. no issue there for a bit... and no poop picking (LOL) although it is my yard I feel i should leave it just so the mirror guy can look at it... but i clean it for me, not him anyways.. but a little "evil" distraction of even giving him the effort of thinking about that idiot.. the house is pretty clean thanks to Ms. Beth... sure love my kids... so i will just keep praying, just keep praying.... and chanting our mantra-- what ever will be , will be....

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Nancy, so glad you are getting help with other things and taking care of yourself. I'm so sorry you and Dan are going through all of this. All I can say is my hopes and prayers are with you every day.



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nancy :


we all are praying with you, just go with flow & keep your head above water, whatever will be will be, anyways we don't have much control over it anyways, just leave all your worries in God's hands & just believe he will do what is best for your family even though at times it does not feel that way. but believe something good is going to come out of this even though it does not look that way right now, but trust in HIS plans for your life.



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