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great day for dan but ended sorta tough ( like us stroke netters- tough)



dan woke up in a so-so mood ( his words)... ate breakfast , quick clean up... i went home showered, dressed nice -- it is Easter after all-- our lord has risen !! April brought weston to the condo and her and wade wen to the hosp. so they could bring a toy for weston that grandpa could be part of when i brought weston up to the hosp. with me.. so i brought weston who had been walking all over the condo calling for his UMMPA... kids such optimists.. he knows grandpas been sick and at the hospital but even he thinks umpaa should be home by now..... so i bring weston and we give weston a little ride on toy from the cartoon "cars" a little tow truck called "mater".. so he banged into a few things loved up his umpaa and went for easter lunch at his other grandparents... i took erika out for lunch at YES AGAIN and even i am sick of it APPLEBEEs ... but the good places with a easter brunch were packed... Bethany went to her boyfriends place... i told her to spend a family day with his family... they have been terrifc for her and to her.... and she needs that "family" feeling even if its not her own.... I came back here took a nap at the hospital ... woke up to dan letting me know his IV had gone bad -- funny i didnt hear the IV beep but i hear him... got the nurse yep the vein had gone bad... and we still need his IV antibiotic... the IVs go bad as we all know much quicker on paralyzed stroke people... so the first nurse passes, she said she is not good enough... this is dans 5 th IV .... the one nurse tries nope.. blew through.... called in the CRNA on his easter day off... but he was happy to come in...it took him 4 tries... and he is my age with TONS of experience... he ended up using a pediatric IV... and we are gonna see about a pic line for the next week or so , then a more permanent solution ( port) once the infection is cleared, but that will require surgery.. and first things first get the infection cleared..... the crna was with dan during surgery and said that the colon was on the verge of incarceration and how lucky we were to have got it fixed in time.. thanks to our surgeons hunch...but of course the repeated iv sticks was traumatic to dan,, and by the third stick he was crying he is so sick of all of this... i keep trying to reinforce - with out being the nag... he controls this to a point by not eating and drinking he brings some of this on... but of course the depression is the real culprit... and of course the real snake is the stroke... multi layers as deb would say.. so we finally get a line in and he can get his iv antibiotic , and then some valium cause now he is really worked up and i am afraid of the muscle cramps coming on the heels... and at least his BM's have been working out -- woo hoo oh the littlest things make us happy now dont they?? but he is resting now and i am blogging.... oh and the docs he has got to meet or remeet as each has went through their rotation ... has been good, since they all have a bit of input and thoughts for the neurologist ... so even know though we are not at mayo - we are getting a lot of different thoughts and inputs...team approach... well a OK day--- I will take it.... now if we can get 24 hours with no fever then we can think maybe the sepsis has been nipped ?? time will tell.... oh i managed to get him showered too...


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Nancy, you are so strong and always there for Dan. I don't know how you do it. I would be a basket case by now.


Still praying for you both.



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