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We are moving. Not where we originally thought we would move to but a better place nonetheless.


After my stroke, I moved 10 times in 10 years. I was running away...from me I think. Who knows. Now I have been here for 12 years, I liked it here but it no longer gives me pleasure.


I need a place where there is an underground garage. Too many falls on the ice in the parking lot here.


This will be such a nice move. Most of my furniture is dated. So we dont bring anything with us. We are getting all new stuff except for some personal stuff and the computers of course. We are looking for a condo apt. in a high rise available for June/1/13. I cant wait .Everything should be better except the laundry facilities. Here we have the machines right here in the condo. Most places we look at do not have laundry hook- up in the apartments. So we will have to compromise on that but the rest will be great.

Right now my furniture is a bit hodge podge and I have had it forever. We are going for a modern style. I have been searching the internet for weeks now and what I enjoy most about it is the interior designs as most of the apartments have been staged for the videos.

The place we are looking at now, has an indoor swimming pool, community hall with activities (probably bingo) an exercise room etc. I can`t wait. Since we are not taking much, the move should be a lot easier than my other moves.

Once we are settled at the new place, We will have a crew come in to clean this place (we are smokers) and repair a few things, replace counter tops maybe even cabinet doors, upgrade the washroom. All this will help sell this place and we won`t be living in the mess all that will bring.


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MC, My hat is of to you making this move just be as careful as possible check everything in the old place so you don't have to go back to find certain items you hid from everybody and yourself too! You may be a little sore for a couple days doing all that walking and looking both places over.*************************Hope you have great tenents next to you and not the noisy of fighting type. For me no more moves anytime soon I had enough moves in the Army every three years or so!

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mc :


:congrats: your move sounds wonderful. I bet they will have laundry facility in the basement of your high rise building. I know we had when we lived in NYC high rise condo. I have moved few times before my stroke & we are move will be moving kido out to college lol





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Sounds exciting MC. We moved 9 years ago after I had been in the same home 38 years! I'm so glad we did move then as the other home would not be as good for Larry with his stroke. I do think someday it would be better to move to a place that has the outdoor services provided.


Enjoy your new home,



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CONGRATULATONS for finding a place to move to which is more conducive to your needs. I'm fine where I am and glad it is a one story home. I have help where and when I need it even from a neighbor who takes the trash out to the curb. I've toyed with the idea of assisted living but since I am comfortable here, I've put that decision on a back burner. Be careful with every step you take don't want any kind of set-back as you go forward. Leah

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Thank you for all your comments. Asha its not a highrise its another condo, The only difference is that we are renting so if something breaks we call the landlord. Yeah!! The only appliance that came with the condo is the dishwasher so we have a brand new washer and dryer in the condo plus we have a garage that is the best with winter coming.

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