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What was I thinking?



blog-0789018001365297034.jpgSpring has finally made it to central Indiana. The sun has been shining for two consecutive days!! Indiana winters are very drab and dull. It's interesting how everyone's mood changes with the sun. I was in the grocery yesterday and everyone was smiling. I've gotten a little yard work done but it needs to be just a little warmer before I can plant some of the annuals Dan has purchased. He still has all of these great plans of things he's going to do in the yard, he just forgets that he can't walk. I try to make arrangements or assist him with what he wants to do but he gets angry with me and refuses to even try. It makes me feel sad when he plans all of these things when I know he can't/won't follow through. He wants to build a raised bed in the backyard for his vegetable garden. Jeff has said he'll do the physical work. Maybe with Jeff he'll follow through, I hope so.


I got a puppy two weeks ago! His name is Quincy and he's a 9 week old Shih Tzu. Dan insists his name is Buford Ray, lol He's a brat already but absolutely adorable. He's doing well with crate training; however the first week was absolutely HORRIBLE. He barked, whined, cried, and made little cat like noises all night long. Now he barks for 3 or 4 seconds and then lies down. I'm going to get him into obedience training asap. Dan has never had pets of any kind and I have never had a puppy before. Dan tolerates Quincy but won't pet him because the puppy always makes a beeline to lick him in the face. lol


Dan's surgery is scheduled for April 18. They will be removing his rectum but leaving the anus. The only stitches on the outside of his body will be on his belly. This will be a much easier recovery because Dan is either sitting on his bottom in a chair or lying on his back in bed. I was so concerned about how he could possibly recover with stitches in his back side when there's always pressure there. The only other treatment option is Remicade infusions, once a week for three weeks and then a maintenance dose every eight weeks. Remicade is a very powerful drug that lowers the immune system. He had two Remicade infusions in 2011 and a week later he was in ICU with dehydration, sepsis, and kidney failure. So I think this is the best choice. Rehab is a concern. He's already gotten weaker and doesn't help a lot anymore so rehab is a definite must have. I just hope and pray that I made the right decision. All I can do now is have faith that God will guide the doctors and nurses to do their best and that He will look after Dan.


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MaryJo: first off Quincy is just precious. I fell in love with him just from your picture. I am sure he is just the light of your life - puppy adjustment and all. And I am betting in just a few short months, he will be Dan's new best friend.


As to Dan's surgery. Sounds like you have carefully thought this out and made the best decision you can. Actually it really seems that you have considered all options and really took into account Dan's physical disability.


Bruce's close friend did build us a raised bed. He actually used the pressure treated lumber leftover from taking down his children's swing set. I can't answer yet about this spring. Ours too is way too long in arriving. Just some sun and warmth - please. I even purchased the scooter for Bruce to get to it. He won't even look at it. But we have had a major change in diet, due to the Diabetes and Bruce sees the herbs on the window sill, so I am anxious to see if that will make a difference.


MaryJo, at this point, a couple of pots on the deck would please me. Just getting him outside and taking an interest. Like you, I can do it if necessary, but really it is not about us. It is finding anything that grabs Dan or Bruce's interest. Something that they can call their own and tend to. Not just sit by because they have to.


Know that both of you are in my prayers. Please do let us know how things are going. Debbie

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Mary jo and Dan good LUCK with it all.... the surgery, recovery and the new addition -- ohhh to cute.... i will be watching to see how this goes... picking up new lessons on caregiving...

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Mary Jo you do so much, if he enjoys sitting and watching you in the garden so be it, at least you will have fresh healthy food ready at hand. I tried to get Ray interested in gardening and ended up doing it myself, but it did not matter as it became important to me too. As Asha says: "go with the flow".


I agree you have put a lot of thought into what needs to be done and I also pray that the surgery goes well. Sometimes we can't see ahead and it is only our faith that keeps us going.



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Maryjo, When we got our springer spaniel as a puppy she howled in her crate every night for about an hour. After a week it tapered off and after two weeks was gone. Now she won't sleep anywhere else. When she wants to go to bed she lays by her crate until we open the door. We don't even latch it anymore and she still stays in all night, even though she could easily go out. Stick with it you won't regret it.

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Good luck to Dan with his surgery. I'll be praying and thinking of him.


You Fred and Ruth should form a club for that breed of dog (I don't dare spell it)lol This seems to be a nice dog for members on this board. Me, I will stick with my cats.


Take care and keep us posted.



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What a cute little puppy! I'm sure he'll bring lots of joy to your home. I will be keeping you and Dan in my prayers on the 18th and beyond. It sounds like a big deal but the best of the options open to you. These decisions are never easy to make. We continue to do the best we can with the information we have. I'll be thinking of you. ~~Donna

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