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Recovery is a rocky road



Dan was moved to ICU Sunday evening. He was having a lot of problems breathing, his BP was up and down one hour 175/?? the next 85/?? he was hallucinating very badly, trying to get out of bed, refusing to let anyone help him, resistant to anything and everyone. He's been on a ventilator since Sunday and heavily sedated. Just talked to the nurse and he's off all sedation and they're taking the breathing tube out this morning. Time will tell.


I keep wondering how much more he can take. I wonder how much more I can take.


Hugs. Mary Jo


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Once a person has had a stroke everything gets more complicated. The brain doesn't respond the same way to drugs for instance. So the docs precscribe the same as they would for a person without brain damage and are amazed when our loved one reacts differently. I hope he soon gets back to what passes for normal. And you get some respite from the worry.



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mary jo i am so sorry-- i know how scary this is... never knowing what is gonna happen next... and like sue pointed out meds dont work the same for our "guys".. and i also noticed dans BP to vary a lot when he was ill... of course my dan was septic and that was sorta to be expected.... i am just so sorry that your dan has been so ill...and i know how you feel--- that constant mode of adrenaline --- your exhausted but cant sleep, cant focus on anything other than the newest health crisis... just hang in there.. and HUGS -- returned to you... Nancyl










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Mary Jo, you and Dan remain in my thoughts and prayers. The rocky recovery is so stressful. It must be so hard to see him confused and disoriented. Take care of yourself best you can. ~~Donna

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Mary Jo - always in my prayers. Please know I am thinking and praying for you and Dan. Just please let us know. Debbie

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