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Life is fast moving...



Litterally, it's a blur. With so much to do, one day bleeds into the next and I forget how long it's been since I blogged.


AIR CONDITIONER: I have been trying to get an air conditioner/furnace installed for weeks, and delays keep happening. Everyday for 3 weeks I've been expecting them and ready, only to get a phone call with another problem. Maybe tomorrow. It will be installed in the attic (no basement) and the access is in the garage. I had to move a lot into the kitchen to make room for them to access the attic opening with all their stuff. I need those boxes I moved from the garage to the kitchen out of there!


THE GREAT OUTDOORS: April 25, Thursday, I got a big wheeled wheelchair outside and INTENDED to roll Bob around the lawn, and found it wouldn't move in the grass! So, I got the hemi-walker and held front and back of his gait belt and carefully walked him around the yard. It was the first time he has been on grass since before his stroke. He was sooooo elated and happy! He said, "this has made my year!" He was so happy, he even let me take him to Bob Evans - and he ordered for himself! We will be starting back therapy very soon, I called for the doctor's orders today, so they will call me when they get them.


CAT FIGHT: My cat showed up with an abscess and made spots all over the bed and carpet Friday night. I again thought the guys were coming to work on the aircondtitioner Friday so couldn't stick him in the garage. I stuck him back outside and whatever cat got him, came back and tried to finish the job. So Saturday, I had to jam a yowling cat into a carrier and whisk him off for $125 office visit. I knew he had the one abscess and it had pink tinged yuck coming out, but was startled to see bright red blood on the table, and that's when I knew something was wrong with this picture, there should not be fresh blood from an abscess. The doctor found where someone tried to tear him about 4 new ones, right close to his rectum, and they were all fresh, still bleeding. The good news here is that they now have a new slow release anti-biotic shot that lasts 2 weeks! No more fighting the devil to jam pills down his throat. There is also this liquid pain med that if you squirt it in their mouth, as long as it gets in there, it is absorbed under the tongue, so doesn't matter if they don't swallow it. He then came home and spent from Sat till this morning (Mon) in a large dog cage by the screened porch window, to re-cooperate.



His usual response to any time he's been in the cage is to actually bend the heavy metal bars between his bite, like Superman Cat, trying to break out. But he just has laid there and did not complain - which told me how much pain he was in. I did have to clean the litter pan today and since I couldn't get around him, decided maybe I should spring. He is now napping with Bob.



BOB UNDER ATTACK: DISCLAIMER: this does not turn out badly, so don't be fearful while you read! Last night, April 28, Monday, Bob had went down for his nap and I heard him start calling me frantically. I ran to the door and saw him staring at his GOOD arm and calling, "my arm, my arm, I can't move it!" I was terrified thinking he had another stroke and now his good/only arm was down. I ran up to him, and saw a tick crawling up his arm. He couldn't save himself from it, since it was ON his good arm. I was very relieved... but had to reflect on how awful it would be if I was gone to Walmart and he had had to lay there watching it crawl on up and not be able to help himself.


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Well despite the cat and tick incident it sounds like you guys had a good week! Glad to hear that. I found that the more Mike walks in the yard the less I have to hold onto him but I am always somewhere within arms length just in case though. It will be so good to get him out of the house and into the yard more now that spring has FINALLY arrived.

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Sandy :

my OT sister-in-law feels walking on grass or sand is best therapy to strengthen your ankle. after coming home from rehab we kept sand pit so that I can practice walking on it, I also walked lot on grass. I remember how uncertain I used to feel about my ankle in the begining. now I can trust my ankle on grass & feel less shaky on it. hope you make that exercise as part of Bob's routine




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You are a busy gal !! your "gittin it done though" the other house all squared away ? or still a thorn in your paw LOL....

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gee.... I'm thinking a water leak coming thru your house is an emergency, not something they should be putting off. That toilet guy probably did it and he could be creating black mold in your walls. Is there anyone you can scream at to get someone out there NOW?

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