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Springfield - some new fun and hope



So, it has been a long week and while I have been tired, still try to at least see the 10:20 pm weather report to figure out the week. It has been a beautiful few days, only one night below freezing, so just maybe Spring is here. Next 5 to 7 days also look good, with some needed rain later next week. Our final potential hard frost day is May 30, so still some time to go, but so far Bruce's herbs are doing well and I am still going to hold off doing the rest of the deck flower boxes for another week or so. But it does help me guide the caregivers as to getting Bruce out. All of them are more than happy to do that, but Bruce, of course, always says no. They have a better chance if they can say "Debbie wants you to get out this morning, it is going to be 65 degrees."


Bruce's diabetes blood work is Monday, so we shall see how we have done these past two months. I want him to have an appointment with his Psychologist - time for a re-eval and with the continued lack of any work to recovery, time to ask for his yearly Medicare PT and OT. Was going to hold it off until the late June Botox, but it won't make any difference really. He will either do it or not. My hope is dwindling or maybe acceptance kicking in. Going there just makes me depressed and sad. Once again it will be totally adjusting to a new schedule, but depending on the schedule we get, maybe the caregivers could help out if I could pay their gas. Wish they could just take one of our vehicles like Jen and Leo did.


So, while awaiting the weather report, I hear MGM Grand and Massachusetts - so I am listening - LOL. Apparently Western Massachusetts is considering its first Casino and had decided on the MGM contract. Thing is this is to be in Springfield, Ma. They are considering taking over 10 acres of downtown property that was totalled by Hurricane Sandy. Right off Interstate 91.


Springfield, Massachusetts is exactly half way between Mary Beth and I. A straight shot up or down. Much less traffic than Interstate 95 (no shore line) and all recently redone. Final city council vote July 16th.


I call Mary at work Tuesday morning. Calls to work are usually emergencies for both of us, so I hear "What?" LOL. I said "we're in trouble!" She says "What?" I laugh, which relaxes her and then tell her. Mary's last sign off "Build it Baby!"


We have enjoyed Casino days, as a family for years. When our Mom had to finally relocate back to Connecticut due to health issues, her only request to me was one Casino day. Our Foxwoods was wonderful. Mom's oxygen was in the room when we arrived. Valet and baggage at the curb, with a WC - this was before cell phone days. Pager system between me and Mom. And Mom had an incredible run. She put some money in an envelope for Mary Beth. I took Mary to the Casino about a year after Mom's death and was able to give her the envelope. Mom's request was for the money to just be a fun time. When one has mortgage and tuition issues, that isn't possible, but Mom was watching over us. Mary and I had a great day and there was money left over.


Mary and I have been trying to get back to a fun day since. For her to meet me there, it is 3 hours from her house. If she comes to me first, it is 5 hours. If she comes here and stays overnight, she misses an entire day with Bruce and our brothers. Brothers have offered to meet us there, but that means a caregiver for Bruce for 12 hours.


This is a pipe dream probably. But it gives both of us hope. Bruce could come and enjoy an overnight. Maybe our brother-in-law would join us, brothers and probably Brittany would come. Brother John has a favorite golf course in Springfield. What fun! Debbie


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Debbie, sounds like a dream but one that could become a reality. You need those happy plans for the future. If today is bad , you can say, there is always tomorrow.

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