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Bruce sliced his affected foot open tonight while getting into the shower. We had to remove a small piece of molding to allow full access from the WC and I thought we had it well-padded, but apparently not. Blood everywhere - love those anticoagulants - LOL. Plus he had just gotten in. I wound a white cotton sock around it, finished up the shower. He'd clot and then it would break open. Getting him out of the shower was a trip. Got him dressed and into his recliner, finally able to put a pressure dressing on it and then on to clean up the mess. It will take some work tomorrow but for now all is well.


Bruce has his diabetes blood draw tomorrow (A1C). This will give us a map of the last eight weeks with the medication on board and the diet change. Have to kind of laugh at that - she could have had pints tonight - LOL.


But the most interesting part of all of this was, as I was helping Bruce get into bed, he said to me "What do you think is the best gift I have given to you?" Well knock me down! Where did that come from?


There are days I honestly don't think he goes any deeper than what is the menu for the next meal. Then there are times I catch him unaware and it is obvious he is deep in thought. When I ask, it is always "I don't know" or "nothing" so this was a huge surprise.


I answered him "your patience" and he said "hum, how about the second?" LOL, obviously that wasn't the A answer. But he could not explain what he was thinking or where the question came from. I do know I was on the right track, tho when I said "what about me?" and he said "your tolerance." That is OK. He'd had a long day and was tired. But it is always nice to know that my Bruce continues to recover - in ways I never would have guessed. Debbie


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Just once in a while Ray said "thank you". It always surprised me as mostly he took what I did for granted. It is nice when they come out with something philosophical rather than what they need right now.


Bruce is returning to his old self in some ways and that is a good thing and something to look forward to more of. Happy days ahead.

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So scary Debbie. I would have been ready to pass out myself. Good thing you are a nurse.


Interesting comment from Bruce. He is always thinking even tho you may not hear his thoughts! He is getting better and better.



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Quick update. Some bleeding again this morning - minor. Bruce was fasting for the blood draw, so morning routine totally off. Fortunately I have great caregivers. Erma just reinforced my pressure dressing. Pema had no show through, so just checked for swelling and pain. It is swollen (no AFO today), some pain if I palp it, no show through. I will take everything down tomorrow morning and redress it, clean the rest of the foot and then back in the AFO. Cathy can take the AFO off if need be.


He got a day off - LOL. Back on the treadmill tomorrow. LOL. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Debbie

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I'm glad to hear it seems to be healing nicely, wish life would slow down and things would just quit happening! Would love to be a bump on a log...

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