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I'm A Great Grand Parent Again!



I got an email this morning from my grand son who is stationed in Okinawa, Japan with the Army and of course his wife is there with him. It's her home country not sure if she is from that city or not I never asked her when they were here. Anyway this little daughter is their second child she had on this one tour. Both are girls and one was born a year ago in October 2011!


I kept his car here and he bought a get-around vehicle to make do until they return state side. He had just purchased a new Hyundai before he got orders to go overseas and didn't want to take it overseas. The way they drive over there I couldn't blame him. This daughter entered this world at 1055AM on 6May2013 by the name of Airi May King. He tells me the name is pronounced like "Eye Ree" and mom and baby is doing well. She was 7 lbs., 3 oz. and 19 inches tall.


That makes 5 great grand I know about. My son got three and this is my daughter's only son and now has his own 2kids, both girls, so that tells me if I live long enough I could make Great, Great Grand dad soon because My son's daughter is about due age wise to start her own family. Boy I just started feeling old!! The big thing I hate is my children's mother, my first wife passed in 1998 and only saw one of her great grand kids by our son.


Right now my daughter is serving time in state prison and not due for release until 2016 but her son, my grand son is due back from Japan pretty soon I think to find his mom there by her own doings. He knows she is in there and writes her all the time from Japan. I just pray this is her final lesson and she learns you can't commit a crime without doing the time. But I guess there are many grand mothers and sons that didn't listen to their parents cry to be good kids.


I was hard headed too but my mother told me just one time that if the other boy's mothers didn't get me out I would just be there until I did my time no matter how long it was. The next week I went and joined the Army. Those boys I was running with are all dead now and been dead a long, long time. I can't see myself sitting in a jail or doing time in prison for something I know not to do because I don't have the time to pay for a crime!


Right today I would rather help a person any way I could than cause harm to them. Even as a stroke survivor I enjoy being free to do what I want to do when I want to do it. I suppose with 22 years of Army service to my country I have seen enough war, fighting and shooting. I will go to my grave with a bullet still in my body that my third wife put there and I did not return fire. She had two boys to raise up to be good men so I didn't press any charges. I just walked away after my hospital stay. She got the car, the house and everything in it while I got my clothes and departed without looking back!


Today here I am a great grand father again and feel pretty good about that with a new wife of 17 years now who loves me dearly and I'm in love with her for life! I told her when we hit 16 years married that if she quit screwing or cooking I'm still not going any place from our home. That's my bottom line so help me God! She means that much to me and my life! I've had the rest and now I know I got the best I ever had. I ain't no fool and God is watching over me!


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Wonderful news! I hope all your great grands have the opportunity to learn life's lessons from you. Congratulations! ~~Donna

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Congratulations on the new little one! Wow, you might be a great great someday! I hope your daughter can learn a better way and get smart like you did!

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Fred you are so -- awesome ... enough said ?? and people make mistakes, sometimes over and over... doesent make them "bad"... and jesus said, you without sin throw the first stone... I for one ( even after working in corrections for 20 years - would never throw the stone) cause mistakes can be made by anyone, anytime... its called temptation... and can be really hard to overcome..... Now for the Congrats !!! lucky you -- I hope i and Dan live long enough to see great grand babies !!! but i am in no hurry either, life is flying as it is...

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Welcome to Airi and congratulations to great grand pa and great (whatever your wife likes to be called) I am Granma or GrannySue and my Mum was called "Little Granma", Ray was Pa Ray and my Dad was "Patty" being Patrick and of Irish descent I guess that should have been Paddy.


I agree with Nancy, people make mistakes, the problem is that some don't learn from them. I have friends with sons and daughter serving time too and pray fervently for them and for my three to stay out of trouble. So far, so good.


Fred, you have done well and as a committed man of Faith will continue to do so.



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Fred, congratulations to you for that new little grandbaby. I know you will be happy to see them all when they return from Japan. Sorry about your daughter but as you know God forgives and hopefully she will do better.


I admire your honesty in telling us about your life.



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Thanks to all of you and I'm waiting to see them and the two little ones too. I never thought he would get married!

Sue, I do think it's my faith in God that carries me through each day I see and looking forward for more to come and I'm still here!



Julie, funny you would mention that because at times I feel like "Honest Abe" but my mom would always say, "Boy don't lie to me be honest". I guess it stuck with me! Then again what I have experienced may just help another person in some way when they know that's the truth. I say If you can't be honest don't say nothing at all.

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Fred: my life has been colorful, to be sure. My Mom used to say I was a jill of many trades, but a master of none. And for me it works. As to marriage, like you, took a few times to find the right one - LOL.


Congratulations honey on your newest great grandbaby. Yes, their visit home will be very special. One thing I do know, is your family has a wonderful legacy. Debbie

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congratulations fred on your bing a great granddad havin a large famil is a very good legacy all the best to you fred

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