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All Eyes Are Now Inserted In Me!



Well guys, I'm back home today with both eyes now done. The cataracts are gone, the lens are in, I'm dropping meds in both eyes and hopefully by Tuesday of next week I hope to be able to see clearly on any day or night. My follow up appointment is next Wednesday morning with a dental visit afterwards. All seems to be OK with the eyes but the right one feels like something is right under the top eye lid and the doctor got me putting in three different drops every hour today then four times each day after today.


I didn't read the eye chart as good as I did with the left eye but I'm hoping for good results after another week or so! Then of course if I still need glasses low vision type I'm OK with that too. For now I hope I see better and it will get better in a week maybe two. Today, I was the first patient to go in for the surgery after being second last month doing the left eye and a long wait when the AC went out in the operation room.


This feeling sure does make me want to rub my eye but that's a no-no and I have to wear the eye patch at night for a couple days to keep from rubbing it or any accidents while asleep or dreaming. So my wife had to take off work to do the driving back home but had me drive to the hospital early this morning in all that traffic. It's so amazing how many people drive in the left lane when signs are posted "Left lane for passing only." It just backs the traffic up especially when other cars are entering the expressway at a slower speed. Our speed limits just changed to 75mph but they still drive 60mph in the left lanes.


It's a 25 mile trip that should take 20 minutes to make but instead it takes an hour to go 25 miles on expressway and freeway driving. So many people live in Killeen but work in Temple. However just as many people are coming to Killeen and Fort Hood each morning and reversed in the evenings. The highway is currently being expanded to three lanes in both directions but with the driving habits most drivers got it will not help in my opinion. Oh well, I have home care so I don't have to make that trip every day thank God! I would go nuts!


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Fred :


great news, hope you heal soon & feel better soon. you are in my thoughts & prayers for quick recovery.



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Congratulations, Fred. Best news I have had all day. Wishing you quick recovery and please do let us know how you are doing. Glad to hear you are home and hopefully resting. Thank you for letting us know. Debbie

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Well two days later my right eye feels so much better this morning. I thought she didn't fix it like the left eye but I guess it was in worse shape sight wise. So just maybe I will not need low vision glasses after all! Sitting here typing I can see much better than yesterday in my right eye.


I go back for check up on the 22nd and I'll know by then for sure. I slept with the eye patch cover on that eye to keep my fingers out. Now I can say both eyes are fixed. I will probably always have glaucoma but the cataracts are gone thank God!


I thank all of you for thoughts and prayers! Maybe I can see how to enter the chat rooms now and talk to you all if I can type fast enough?

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I'm so glad you have made it through both eye surgeries and are showing improvement on both sides. That is just great. ~~Donna

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Guest hostwill


Fred, glad to hear surgery was a success. 20/20 vision is a good thing when driving for sure. I hope you have a speedy recovery.


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Well it's been 4 days today and the right eye has mad more progress, the bump is gone, nothing hurts, I'm doing all I was told to do by doctors orders. My return appointment is the 22nd where I read the eye chart to evaluate my ability to see better without eye glasses. Thanks for all your prayers it's a different world without glasses on my face.


I find myself trying to adjust my glasses but I got none on my face. I must keep making the drops from three different bottles probably to keep the lens lubricated and my eyes moist until they set in place.


All is well and I'm reading small print better day by day.

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