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Getting My Back Windows Fixed So They Will Roll Down Again



Tomorrow the service man comes to my house, mobile service, to repair the two back windows in my SUV so they can roll up/down again. I will need them this summer and my car is ten years old now so it's time things stop working and in this case I need motors to operate the two windows so they will work again especially when I got folks riding in the back seat. People tell me my car doesn't look like it's ten years old but it is and a Ford Explorer XLT at that.


Well, the AC needs work too but that will have to wait awhile longer. It blows out on the drivers side just not on the passenger side so I need the two back windows able to roll down. It has a 179,000 miles on it so I'm keeping it as I hate to have a car payment.


I will ask this same man what he will charge to get the AC done because the Ford dealerships all want over 600 dollars and really the problem is those little doors that open and close when you turn the dial on the dash board to different positions to make air come out to the windshield or on the floor or to the back seat area.


Again the Ford dealers want 39,000 dollars for a new Ford Explorer that's more than for a Mercedes in this area and twice what I paid for it ten years ago. Another car for me is out the question. It takes 5 to 7 years to pay for one these days and I just don't need a new vehicle at my age. My wife has a 2012 Subaru outback and that should last her until she is too old to drive good.


She hauls their dance uniforms, books, bibles and things when the church goes out of town to another church plus at least three other of the ladies, who like her, don't like to ride the bus or in our church vans. Riding the charter bus they have to pay and no coolers allowed on the bus. My two nieces who sings in the choir loves to ride with their Auntie as they call her instead of the church vans or the bus.


We drive 50 miles to church and back home each Sunday. My wife loves the early morning services and I attend at the 10:30 hour with my sister so she will have a ride to church. We been at/in this church since we got married in 1998 and she will not change churches for nobody. There is a church two blocks from my house too and our churches congregate all the time for events. In fact our pastor was raised in that church where he got his start in preaching 32 years ago. The pastor who raised him up is deceased now.


I guess I got wounded up and this Blog was about me getting my car windows fixed tomorrow. Now all of you know I can run my mouth. That keeps me from being depressed ever I'm too out going always something to do daily and the puppy is asleep right here by my feet!


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Fred, your blogs always seem like talking to a friend when you range from one subject to another - there is no harm in that. I am gad you have a reliable person to fix your car at considerably less than the dealers want for the same thing. On a budget those extra dollars in your pocket count.


I used to have a poem called "The Consecrated Car" about a nman who used his car to take folk to church, I guess you have a consecrated car too.



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Fred, As a retired car mechanic I would say your A/C problem might just be the vacuum hose distribution system usually behind the dash in the center of the controls for the various air and heat controls. $600 sounds quite steep to me, but the labor can run into a few hours to fix such and they don't give parts away these days. Good luck

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