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Now that I see better I need reading glasses for smaller print



The old sayings goes "If it isn't one thing it's another" It's so soon after the operations on my eyes I should give myself another week or so before I get into a reading habit and needing the glasses to read small printing.

But I can get a pair at Wal-Mart very cheap I'm told but I will wait another week anyway. I can read my bills that comes in the mail so that's enough reading for me for now!


I'm just happy to be seeing so much better and not needing the glasses. I'm still putting the drops in from three different bottles for another week or until it runs out. Had to delay my start of PT for a few more weeks to protect my eyes from any strains that could occur. So for now I will just be resting up and waiting for warmer weather to arrive and perhaps a little rain too. My grass is starting to grow again! The bald spots are almost gone in a weeks time with the little rain we did get so far.


Otherwise life is good!!


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Guest lwisman


Since her cataract surgery my sister also does not need glasses for long distance. She purchased OTC readers also. The good news is that they are inexpensive. She has one friend who has three pairs around the house where she usually reads!


It is good to hear it is going well for you!

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Hey Ruth, I need to know the best time to catch you off work and at home with William then I can figure when to drop by so the Lil puppies can meet?????


I hope to visit you and William again soon when school is out and I can bring my grand daughter and her little Princess to meet Mumbles. Like Mumbles this little dog stays right by my feet or side all day long until her owner comes home from school. She waits for her at the bottom of the stairs and jumps in her arms to say she missed her all day. We all love this little dog. She is 16 months old now and trained to use the puppy pad or go outside.


Loves to ride on my scooter too Wish I knew how to send you a picture of her from my cell phone?? Take care hope to visit soon when you are home.




I knew nothing about this kind of surgery but it's great for me not having to wear glasses. That restriction was on my drivers license too so I carry a card stating I had corrective lens inserted in both eyes.

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So glad you had your cataract surgery! I am 61 and went totally blind in both eyes at age 59 from cataracts. The company I was working for (insurance) as a temp made changes on my computer and allowed me to use a very, very strong magnifying glass to read files and paperwork and allowed me to work (still don't know how I did that). As an artist though I was not able to draw, paint and I could not drive. An organization here in Texas help me as I had no insurance and no money being full support for my honey and myself and my sight was restored a year ago this month. I now only have to wear otc glasses for reading and computer. Ask your doctor that did the surgery, what strength otc glasses you will need for computer and reading and he/she will tell you. Mine did, that way I got the proper strength. I keep a pair in my purse, two on my desk at home and one pair in the bedroom and living room, Cataract surgery is such a blessing and it opens up a whole new world. I am so glad you did not wait until you went blind with them like I did. I have problems with dry eye so use regular eye drops once or twice a day in mine.

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Yea, I wanted to go ahead and do it now since I needed it sooner or later and I'm not getting any younger. She already measured me for 250 or 225 depending on how far I want to hold the paper from my face to read. Off to Walmart today to see what they got in stock. Then I'll go over to the Walmart eyeglass shop and have her fit them for me, she loves for me to stop in and talk with her.


I think if more people knew about the surgery they would opt to have this done. I don't suppose it could be too expensive?

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Hi fking! Mine are 2.50 for reading and 1.50 for the computer. I know what you mean. When I priced mine (though I couldn't afford it), if I didn't have the high end lens - where you don't have to have glasses to read- it was going to run 10K for both eyes. As I didn't have insurance or any money (still don't) an agency here in Texas stepped in to help me and paid for my surgeries along with the related care and cab fare to get back and forth. They were angels of mercy. Otherwise I would still be blind and would not have been able to type this even with a magnifier. By the time I had my surgeries, I could only recognize people by voice and see shapes vaguely. Now I am back to working on animal portraits and animal paintings and should a job open up in my field...go back to work again. I definitely would recommend that if a person's sight is diminishing due to cataracts to have the surgery. If people don't have the money or insurance, they need to check with the agencies for the blind or rehabilitative in thier state to see if they can help.

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