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Well, Well, Well, I can see good again But Got To Use Reading Glasses



Dusti, I can see much better all around and my computer too but I need the reading glasses a little less than 250 to read small print and numbers like on my credit cards. I got a pair at Wal-Mart for 9.88, not bad for reading glasses I think! The VA did the surgery and a couple of my Wal-Mart coffee gang in McDonald's said they got the surgery at the Lasik place for a couple thousands. I been wearing glasses since a teenager.


Anyone with cataracts I will say the surgery isn't bad and only last minutes from start to finish for one eye. Then next time the other eye. You will need to keep using the Glaucoma drops if you have that too and I do but it must not be as bad as cataracts which can dim the vision considerably. If any of you senior citizens need that surgery by all means try to get it done soon before you are way too old and can hardly see good any more.


I was helping my grand daughter with her home work some time ago when I realized something had to be done for me to see better.


My final eye visit at the VA is 28 June, I passed the 20/20 eye test in both eyes last week when the doctor said reading glasses for small print would be all I needed. I'm glad they were cheap to buy.


I suppose the stroke hasn't been to bad on me after the five months I spent in the hospital on the rehab floor. I did come home unable to walk but soon learned with more out patient therapy. Then I got my scooter my wife returned to work and I sort of been on my own since that time. Well I still can't use my left side for much help but I do what I can and keep on going as I have now for nine years. I'm not going to complain much!


You do sit and wonder sometimes what tomorrow will bring your way but even then I'm convinced I will be alright if it doesn't get any better for me. There isn't much I miss or can't do except Bowling. I tried last week and this week but the desire just is not there any more. I will start to going to the tournaments in my area when the Pros come to town.


After 22 years in the Army and 14 years on the Army Pistol Team and going to the Olympics in Canada and one tour of duty in Vietnam I really can't complain about my Army career. After my operation in Vietnam the top brass decided I couldn't do my job in a unit with my profile on my back. Therefore no more promotions for me so I got out in 1979 after my tour in Baumholder, Germany.


I want to stay up beat about life because I had my share of bad things to happen so when the stroke came along hey, I guess I was ready for it. Therefore, to be married now for the fourth time going over 15 years next month, I'm a happy stroke survivor and life is great. I got the little Shih Tzu for my grand daughter that brought her grades up a lot and she stays close to me all day while her little owner is in school. She never complains about anything all day and loves to ride on the scooter with me.






Yesterday, 06:51 PM "Copied from my last Blog!"



Hi fking! Mine are 2.50 for reading and 1.50 for the computer. I know what you mean. When I priced mine (though I couldn't afford it), if I didn't have the high end lens - where you don't have to have glasses to read- it was going to run 10K for both eyes. As I didn't have insurance or any money (still don't) an agency here in Texas stepped in to help me and paid for my surgeries along with the related care and cab fare to get back and forth. They were angels of mercy. Otherwise I would still be blind and would not have been able to type this even with a magnifier. By the time I had my surgeries, I could only recognize people by voice and see shapes vaguely. Now I am back to working on animal portraits and animal paintings and should a job open up in my field...go back to work again. I definitely would recommend that if a person's sight is diminishing due to cataracts to have the surgery. If people don't have the money or insurance, they need to check with the agencies for the blind or rehabilitative in their state to see if they can help.


Dusti, where in Texas are you?? I'm central Texas at Fort Hood/Killeen. Been here since 1986 and not going back to Houston anytime soon or never, I'm happy here with no complaints!


Until next time you all I shall wait until the first day of summer and my final eye appointment the next week, the 28th! See Ya later!




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