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Ups & Downs



Yesterday, I woke up with a wild streak. I had an intense desire to jump in my car, leave everything behind, and just drive (preferably north) until I found some place I wanted to stop. Of course, that was out of the question (how far can you go when you are allowed only short drives?). I didn't think Gracie, my cat, would be too happy, either.


I'm not fond of the south (I'm way south) and would love to have 4 season's and never see fire ants or gators, again. I put the desire aside and settled down to another dull day.


All was going well until I got an email (third day in a row) from someone I used to consider a friend. It was a cryptic message and the subsequent exchange was hurtful and upset me? TG there was a chat room and the visit with the SN wackos was just what I needed. Too bad there was a new missive from said "friend" in my inbox when the chat room ended.


I am fortunate to be less disabled than many and am gaining ground on the "devil". I am coping well and can do much (within limits) but, I am trapped by both my physical and economic limitations. Gracie is my whole family and friends are busy with their own lives so, it gets lonely. I am glad I found SN - thank you.


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If not for this site, I don't know how I'd be coping. Maybe OK but I think not. At least I have found my new normal, thanks to friends I've met here!

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Well, I thought it was going to be a dull day but, that "friend" sent another email. I hope that she means "she won't bother me again" this time - she is very upsetting. I thought we were done back in February - she's worse than a bill collector! :)

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Like many caregivers here, I do best with writing. I can do it on my time, have time to organize my thoughts and mostly it is my down time after Bruce gets to bed. I try to keep long distance friends updated, but sometimes think that some may be overwhelmed.


I will remind you, what I was told. Everyone - even YOU - have a delete button. Use it! You don't need anymore stress. Debbie

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And if you don't want to delete everything a friend sends to FB but some posts do offend there is also the "hide" button. I use sometimes with some of my more poiltically aware buddies...lol.

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It is my personal email and I think it will be over but, she is blocked for both addresses. End of problem, I hope. She said she had deleted my phone number - I hope so.


New day - new start. No plans - just enjoy.

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