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Good Day!



:) First, no emails, texts, or phone calls from that crazy "friend". Yea!!


It has been a pleasant, relaxing day with alternating sun and rain. The only consternation has been why someone doesn't call back when they say they will. I'm waiting to find out if I have a ride to the doc's this week but, I'm still waiting. I guess he's got problem getting a commitment. It hasn't spoiled my day.


I didn't sleep well last night so, I don't know if I'll still be awake at chat time (I never was good at naps).


Have a good evening everyone! :)


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Hi friend: Does some kind paratransit exist in your area? Most locales have a service for people with disabilities. If so, you should look into it. I never depend on a friend to get me to an appointment like the doctor's. Needless worry. Good luck, Henry

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Hi Henry - Yes, but useless. Can't book before 2pm day before needed, never available when needed, will pick up but, after you need it! No taxi, either. Thanks for the suggestion, however.

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we have similar issues in our area as far as mode of travel..... altough we do have a taxi service ... which compared to " city" rates is cheap, cheap and cheap... i think it is at most 10.00 round trip .... but frustrating.... for both modes... why can't a friend just follow through and be a friend.... i get it... flakes for friends we all have them.... nancyl

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