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The weather stopped me!



Ok.... I am usually adventurous and love to plan our camping trips. I have one planned for this week starting today. It was to Indiana near Bloomington on Lake Monroe. It is a beautiful lakefront site. The problem? I have an aluminum trailer (Airstream) and we have strong thunderstorms coming in later tonight with a good possibility of hail. So I am doing some downtime at home waiting until tomorrow to leave. I will have three days instead of four and it is still calling for thunderstorms 20-30%. Currently the bike is loaded and ready. Just need to make a decision if I am still going to take it. My wife has never rode in a thunderstorm. LOL So I think it would take her awhile to forget about riding in a torrential downpour. One plus.... I do have rain gear. But I am thinking it will not be enough. :badmood: So if anyone needs the weather report for Bloomington Indiana today I could probably help you out!


P.S. I am still taking the bike.



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Terry, you have nerves of steel having done these thing before. If it were me I would have to cancel or reschedule when the weather is much better for traveling. Rain, no problem, but lighting and thunderstorms, I couldn't handle that as a survivor now.


With weather like that tornadoes could form in an instance along the route. Good luck to you if you go.

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