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Walking lottery ticket.......



I was talking with this co-worker at lunch the other day. A guy we knew passed out behind the wheel of his car and crashed into a tree. My lunch buddy asked me how the retirement worked. He thought his wife would get nothing with his retirement and then we talked about life insurance. ( This is how smart he is) We have a policy at work that pays you 2x your yearly earnings as long as you are employed over and above your other life insurance policies. My lunch buddy said to me after that revaluation that I was a walking lottery ticket. For some reason at that point I wanted to take my numb hand and knock his teeth down his throat. ( I did not do that) I informed him that he also was in the same boat as a walking lottery ticket as he has high cholesterol and high blood pressure. So.... I handled it well considering. Maybe I won't be so nice next time.



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Hey Terry. I think no matter the situation you should always give your best. That sounds like a job for your good hand! :)

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Terry, I support the two comments above but you need to use both hands for a good choke hold until his final breath is taken.


Some people just really don't know or understand how certain things work or operate. Dudha!!

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Well, if your spouse felt that way....you could be but, just use your cane or get a running start and clobber him with your wc! People make a habit of being arses. :)

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Yeah, This guy is not very bright. And I do believe the majority of attitudes is.. "it has not happened to me yet, so i do not care". I am not that sensitive but when I hear comments like that it really makes me.... well angry. LOL . I do not discuss with anyone at work about how I am feeling or any details about my stroke. They could care less, I know that and I am ok with it. I am happy I still got a great life.

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Terry: well done. If you knew how many times a day I think "one upside your head maybe will help" and get a dollar for it, I would be a walking lottery ticket - LOL. I too work with one. I call her the "Naysayer" and she is just 40. Only can guess where she will be at 60 - LOL. I do know I try to find a positive in most things and for that I can be a bit nauseating. But sometimes I can not believe the things that come out of her mouth. I am thinking "engage brain first".


The odd thing is she justifies her responses as saying "I am just stating a fact." Except no, you are stating an opinion.


Because I am me, of course I say to myself "they are just hiding their own fear" because I really can't get my mind around the insensitivity and coldness. And Terry, we are talking about nurses. Would I really want her taking care of me or my loved ones?


Just a little more warmth and compassion. I do have bail money if you need it tho. Just call Bruce, he'll wire it - LOL. Debbie

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Idiots---- we are surrounded by them..... he is asking you for advice , and then finally when you show him how to add 2 plus 2 = 4 ,,,,, then he starts thinking he knows how to add to 6 .... but hey i bet his constant antics are entertaining.... easy set up there... hmmmmmm, dont have to much fun with this dummy - he might hurt himself thinking..

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Terry :


sometimes people say dumbest things not because they want to be mean, its just that they are ignorant and uncomfortable and don't know how to say comforting things. you need to just forgive & forget those stupid comments.



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