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Nice realization



:) It was a pleasant realization this morning just how far I have come. I needed to prune back the bushes around my satellite dish and I realized I was standing there on the lumpy grass reaching for sprouts without using my cane or leaning on anything else. I was balancing on my own - all on my own. For someone who collapsed in therapy and couldn't move at all at first, it was a great ,moment. :thumbsu:


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Sally :


great accomplishments, keep on building on this small building blocks & soon you will find & enjoy your new normal.



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Way to go !!!!!!!Even though a step is small, the importance of it and others is HUGE!!! Isn't it nice to realize you have gained, all by yourself ? John

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That's great Sally, at times I walk in the house without my cane so I can use both hands to get things done. In the kitchen too it's not that big and I got things to hold on to should I stumble a bit. At times we just have to learn to trust ourselves more or we will never know what all we can accomplish on our own.


So keep trying to do more you can do it!

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Guest hostwill



You have come a long way. You're improving everyday, Keep up the good work. Never give up!



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