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Another inch...



:) Had to shop for groceries today while it was not raining (70% every day) and I found myself short handed (pun) so, I used my left hand and arm to carry various lightweight items to my cart. It worked fine (except for the ice cream which kept slipping). I used the hand again when I got home to carry the bags into the house; I hung light bags on it and didn't drop them. I was even able to use it to tie knots in a large trash bag (all the extra packaging from my purchases). It felt good to have a tiny bit of control over those stiff muscles. This is the first time I have had enough strength and control to do this repeatedly. :thumbsu:


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Always try to incorporate your weak hand and arm into what ever you are doing. The more you use it the more your brain will remember that it is there for a reason! I still have to tell Mike to use his when he is doing things that he needs two hands for. He even started tying his own shoes, till this summer when he started wearing sandals that have Velcro straps! :(.

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Congratulations to you on a job well done! I do the same thing but just from my car into the house. When I'm on the scooter in the store I have no problem getting it all out to my car.


Cat already said it above, use your weak hand, arm as much as possible in everything you do and that arm and whole side gets better when you use it often.


Recovery is not coming to you all at once it takes time and patience and use of your affected parts daily.

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Bruce has just rediscovered his! I think it was the change in location of the Botox injections, but don't really care. Any progress is forward motion. You Rock! Debbie

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WUNDERVULL <,WUNDERVULL ----- keep doing what you have been dojng the little pushes here and here are paying of.. good job..nancyl

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Thannk you all. I will add as a comment to fking....I do not use a motorized cart so, I am walking and pushing a regular cart the whole way. At home I have 4 steps up to manage to get into the house. A second hand is very useful.

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Sally :


congratulations, more you use your hand better it will become & your new normal will be easier. all this small stepping stones will build great new life, and soon you will realize like rest of us life post stroke also is great, its just little different on how you accomplish things around house.



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