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:) So glad I have a printer! I finally finished posting (or re-posting) everything needed for an emergency...a large medical alert sign for rescuers, a picture labeled "pet cat" so Gracie will receive the care she needs, and a copy of my I.C.E. card...all on the mirror as you enter the house. I wear a phone for emergency use and that has the medical alert logo on it plus ICE in the directory. My wallet has the ICE card in it's outer window. My legal documents are all updated. Big job finished! :goodjob:


This morning I finished washing the clothes, too. I am sooo grateful I bought the countertop washer when my hubby got ill. I needed it then to keep up with his laundry, then it was perfect for the single life-style of a widow, now it is perfect for one-handed me. :) I can wash and hang the laundry in the tub. Mess contained. I could never handle carrying it to the car > laundromat > home again. I can't even use my outside solar dryer anymore. :(


Both of these purchases were out of necessity and have proved to be lifesavers. :)


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