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We laughed until we . . .



Nancy, honey this one is for you!


Brother John is 60 this year and not having a good time with it. His kids have planned a surprise party for him tomorrow.


You all know my darling sister broke her arm back in April and hasn't been able to come. Both daughters will be headed off to college in August, so it has been a busy time for them. But we talked about this weekend. Girls are both working and can only come in for the day. Mary left work early on Friday and headed down. She will be starting a new job July 15, but is under contract with the current company until September, so her weekends off will be very limited until the fall.


Weather here has been horrid. Friend came Thursday night to put in the AC in Mary's bedroom and caregivers got everything done here, so she could have some rest and relaxation.


We had the gift of an extra day and Mary needed some things, so off we all went. Did errands first and then off to Kohls. Mary had never been in one and was a bit overwhelmed. Bruce parked in a corner and I did the dressing room run.


Mary had picked out a top that she really liked. I did not know that at the time. She came out of the dressing room and said "what do you think?" I took one look and said "it is horrendous, go take it off." Mary is in the dressing room talking to herself - "horrendous, well it is just horrendous, horrendous." Bruce is hysterical and another customer is laughing right out loud. Apparently we are just great comic relief.


Bit later we had lunch and Mary started up again. I was in tears laughing and Mary had to run to the bathroom, she was laughing so hard. Tonight making dinner, again. And Nancy, you are right! That laugh until you . . . - so stress relieving and just a reminder that yes, life is wonderful! Those precious times are so rare. Debbie


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Happy birthday to brother John! He will be ready for another check real soon and maybe stop working so hard at his age. I thought you were having wonderful weather there this time of the year? It's very hot here in Texas and in other states too I see on the news.

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Debbie, so glad you are having some fun with your sister. I know how you miss her. Fun and laughter - something we all need.



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Going to try to import some of the photos off Facebook. Funny, our dear Scotty had three cameras and one cell phone that was the "Facebook." They are all on there. Cousins, cousins with partners, the second cousins and then all of us. The head of our family, dear cousin Bob is insistent on this-even at funerals. Sounds morbid, but you have to know us. And none of that includes friends, co-workers.


The first born male child in our family was a "Prince", has even swifted down to the second cousins. And Brother John is ours. The most precious is all seven of them are just so sensitive - cry at the drop of a hat. I remember having to walk Bob outside because he had a melt down at a funeral of a stranger who was being waked next room over -LOL.


We are strong in our family and faith. Today was a true tribute to my very special brother. Mary and I just rehashed our day with a drink on the deck. Her girls are home safe. Just a terrific day.

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