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Mumbles Wm's Shih Tzu



blog-0980781001372635563.jpgWilliam loves his little companion. I have learned to groom him. This is the puppy cut that I gave him for the summer. Wm says that Mumbles has helped his outlook 100%. The unconditional love a dog is amazing. Mumbles is a bit more work for me. I do not have has much time to post blogs. But, Mumbles is a cute dog. Ruth


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I'm very happy for William in his love for his little dog. I can see they are the same breed and I am the same way with the little dog we got for our grand daughter to bring her grades up over a year ago now. She stays right by my feet all day when she is in school but now that school is out the dog stays with me even when her little master is at home.


Every body thinks she belongs to me but I think since I feed her daily and hand her treats she acts likes I became her master so she looks after me early mornings to my bedtime. I guess she wants to make sure I'm alive.


She loves to ride on my scooter any time so we go on the sidewalk around the block and back to the mailbox. When she get tired of running and walking she will hop on the scooter and ride back home.


Starting 1 Sept I can take her into any business establishment with me no questions asked about her but I must have my PTSD papers to show. It doesn't have to be a service animal here in Texas according to our Governor Perry. That will be pretty neat for me on my scooter suffering with PTSD.


She is potty trained so I will make sure she has taken care of her business before we go into a business, restaurant or grocery store I visit.


I take her to all her doctor appointments and grooming appointments at Pets mart and Petco and do all the brushing and giving her meds she needs during the day. I have spent over a thousand dollars on that little dog but saved about that much with the plan we have her on which is cheaper.

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Thanks for posting a pic of cute Mumbles Ruth. He looks like a sweet dog and I'm not surprised William loves him, and I bet he enjoys talking to him too. : )


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Hello Ruth ------- long time no see...... which is good, no news is good news right? I am glad for Wm's dog -- and for you. the job must be working out for you !! so happy.....

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A couple years ago, I took care of my niece's Shih Tzu while she was traveling for work. Having her live with me did wonders for my stroke recovery. Not only did she bring me immense joy and companionship while my ex-husband worked long days, but having her made me accountable for her care. That responsibility was just the right amount.


Your little Mumbles is adorable! Out of al the breeds, this one is tops in my book (they're friendly, don't shed much and don't have dander).


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Ruth: he is just precious. And just as important to you as William - LOL. His summer "do" is perfect.


Now the last thing you need is another responsibility. That I know. But just betting it is worth it! Bruce won't make a sandwich for himself, but Kira never misses a meal! And Ruth, really, that is the point. Get the focus off stroke and on to living.


Kudos. Great decision. Debbie

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