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PT\OT a review of our sessions



I am going to try to review our sessions. Perhaps somebody else needs the review.This is going to be strange. I cannot seem to start a new paragraph. 1. Range of motion for the arm. Lift the arm up as high as possible. Lift the arm up out as much as possible. Do this with palms down then change the palms so that the are facing each other (as if clapping hands). This is actually easier down while lying down. Even try to get the hand placed under the head while lying down. I am trying to get William's head and other hand to hold the weak hand under his head while he is lying in bed. He doesn't like that much. Of course, the old push out on the table trick. Both arms push out on the table in front of you. In the pool I use the water weights and push in and out for 5-10 minutes. Yes, wear the hand braces to stretch the hand. As much as possible stretch the fingers out.. Wm's fingers need to be pressed down at the knuckles. He always complains but no pain then no gain. After awhile the pain goes away. The hardest one is shoulders back and head up. Work on posture always. I sound like an old record with this one. shoulders back, head up, pull in that belly button to your back bone. Wm dreads hearing that mantra. While sitting and standing. They do some fun exercises of reaching and putting things in pegs. This is done so that Wm has to push and stretch. He uses his strong hand and has to reach until he is putting weight on his weak forearm. This is scary for him because he does not feel stable. But, he is getting better at bending and twisting. This is easiest done in the water. Wm does turns and twists with the upper body while standing at the wall. He says that he gets drunk with all of the turn and twists that I put him thru. I face him toward the wall and he has to belly to the wall then bottom out. Just another body twist. PT again. Posture. Shoulders back, head up and belly button to your spine. (this is best done by asking men to pee over the fence). Same posture as belly button to the spine. Sit to stand (wm detests this one). While reclining with legs out...push the knee down. This activates the thigh muscle. This is supposedly the easiest thigh exercise (step 1). Wm can manage this one. While lying on the bed...twist the torso. Shoulder back on the bed and bend the knees and twist both knees to the right side and the left side. Go very slowly and they will eventually touch the bed. This is a yoga move. Next, Knees bent and feet up to your bottom. Plank up (belly and but are to move off the flat surface). Try to do this slowly and get the butt off the bed. This can also be done with the feet on the top of an exercise ball. Then lift the bottom up. Both feet on the exercise ball and pull the ball in and then push the ball out. While the legs are lying on the bed move the in and out and up and down. Again this is easier in the water. While standing up. I have Wm stand on the right leg and swing the weak leg forward and back and then stand on the weak leg and repeat. Do the same exercise but swing the leg out and in. Different muscles make this move. I put a noodle under the weak leg and have him push down. I put the noodle under the weak knee and the knee is bent. I pull the leg out and he pulls it back to the wall. I also have him practice standing on the noodle..as I hold it down on the floor of the pool. A balance exercise. Standing at the parrell bars sit and stand. Move the feet and tap the toes of the foot. Wm cannot tap his toes. While standing at the bars. Move the weak leg to the bar and back. A little step. I will be working on an exercise chart for Wm. I will post it when I get it finished. I hope that this is a good refresher course. Of course if you can work in estim and the WII. but we only have so much time in one day.


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You have to click on the little emblem above when you start to write then you can make paragraphs as you like. It says toggle editing mode! Otherwise you end up not being able to make paragraphs, OK?


I hate typing everything all together like a book page! It's too hard to read.


Once you do that you can go back and make paragraphs.

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Ruth: thank you for the refresher course. Funny Bruce just started back in PT and OT and the new exercises only include one of the old ones - the knees bent and rock back and forth and then scissors the knees.


Now all of the new stuff is independent of me, except helping to put the gait belt on his affected foot to help him lift the leg and this is what I am excited about, because PT wrote out the order and some brief explanations and diagrams, so that he is almost totally independent. What a relief. Someone finally listened and put the responsibility on Bruce. Of course he needs prodding and a bit of help, but he totally understands that this is his job - not mine.


And Ruth he got on and off that mat, laid down, sat up totally by himself. Very eye-opening for me. Biggest issue, as you advised, is the stretching.


Please do post your chart. We will be needed to add things as time goes on, so will be looking forward to it. Debbie

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Ruth Larry does not like to do some of those reps either but he does them with the therapist. Maybe it is because she is a cute girl. I wish I could have her come home to get on Larry's case every day. lol


Larry has trouble laying down on the mat. He is use to the bed cane at home which he uses to hoist himself up. Maybe the lift chair was not a good idea as he doesn't like to raise it to get up. He likes to put it way back to rest tho.


Hope you had a good 4th.



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