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Pain at midnight



William has started having pain in his finger joints . Two to be exact. Always at night. What is going on? I just read about central pain. It does not sound like that. Today was my birthday. Thank you for the birthday wishes. We had a wonderful lunch out with friends. It was a beautiful warm day. I got mt swimming and weights in and got William to the pool also. I also got mr hair done.


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Arthritis maybe? Not that I'm a doctor; when I look things like that up on the internet I'm always 100% wrong. As a matter of fact,I just read an article about that; they call it cyberchondria!!

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Happy Birthday Ruth. I think I sent you greetings via Facebook but just in case I didn't I hope you have a really great year ahead of you with opportunities for some of that "ME time" all caregivers need to keep going on. (((birthday hugs))) from Sue.

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