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I'm still here



I'm still here, plugging along. Alive and kicking. I have been keeping busy these days, filling up the days so the boredom stays away. Here it is friday already, where'd the rest of the week go to?Plus by staying busy, I'm tired at night and sleeping through the night again, but back to getting up early around 5 a.m. And I got good news! Yhe pair of jeans I bought last summer fit again! and they are loose and comfortable too. I hate wearing jeans that are so tight, you can't even take a deep breath. So being without a scale, I refuse to have one, I'm guessing the walking and activity is helping.

I'm also borrowing the push mower so I can mow the lawn here, excersise and sweat, nothing like self inflicted torture to attain a goal.

I'm going out to lunch with my aunt and uncle today. A girlfriend took me out to lunch yesterday.



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you GO girl,

not much is more satisfying that once tight clothes that now fit!!!!! i threw the scale away a long time ago assuming( rightly so) that it was my enemy.. however, now that i'm doing the "gym gig" i am forced to face the numbers. now that they are going down instead of up, it aint so bad. but i still don't have one at home.


p.s did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? my p.t. explained that before i burst out in tears. i have lost more inches though. more power to ya pam!!!!!






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I thought I was the only one who avoided scales. I have put on about 20 lbs from the rehab weight. Better food at home? Going out more? Naw, I blame it on a medicine I was taking. The Dr. said no, it doesn't do that. I feel it slowed my metabolism and maybe did. I went off of it because it was affecting me in other ways and I've seemed to have lost weight. The only place where I can't avoid the scale though are the Dr.s offices. I say don't tell me; I'm closing my eyes.


Good luck Pam, That's wonderful.

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My home is also scaleless. Getting to a point where you feel good about yourself has nothing to do with what you weigh (my opinion). Besides, muscle weighs more than fat. smile.gif


Drink lots of fluids when you're sweating with the mower.

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