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second nature



I just read Marty's blog about his fall. I'm sitting here, talking out loud to myself, nodding my head in agreement. Because I know without a shadow of a doubt that no movement a survivor makes or takes is second nature anymore. Every foot placement, places we visit, any muscle movement we make is not second nature anymore. That is something that is wiped out by the stroke. And a fall such as Marty describes is humbling. Now I don't mean to put a negative spin on falls, but when performing a simple task and one falls, it is a slap on the head to remind the survivor to never let your guard down.

Pre stroke I was an impulsive person and many times I reacted without a thought. Now I need to think out everything I do in my head first, start to finish. I also talk to myself out loud too. I've become my own biggest fan.



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i talk to and answer myself OUTLOUD too!!!!! when i get real tired and am typing, i say every letter outloud, seems to make it easier. i don't just "get up" anymore either. it involves a whole thought process. "ok kim, sit up slowly, get your head in balance, put feet on the floor, stand up, hold on to wall, look out for cats, coast is clear, now GO!!!!" like that.


when i allow my self to get too cocky cause i haven't fallen in a while, sure enough guarantees a "slip fall" like yesterday. i was too cocky, prancing around taking pictures of a pool on a property and wasn't looking down to see where i was going and tripped right over a diving board and fell on my ass. now, i have a bruise the size of delaware to remember my faux pas by.


i'll be more careful today rest assured!!!! i understand.


kim Argh.gifArgh.gifohmy.gifnono.gifoutofhere.gif

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it is a slap on the head to remind the survivor to never let your guard down.


Agree wholeheartedly, but do I remember that? NO! Just when I think I've got the "not to fall thing down" I forget and then the next day aches remind me for a little while.

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