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Well here it is Wednesday night and I'm tired and should really be in bed instead of writing in this blog only what will probably become one long droning whine.

It has been hot and humid all day, I walked the post office hill and my muscles were screaming in protest, I was drenched in sweat when I got home, but the fact that I did it on such a humid day... me, who has never thought highly of physical fitness. But I think to myself I have to nurture enthusiasm in me again for living life. I have to admit that I have been careening all over the place emotionally. And I'm cringing as I write this but jealousy has alot more to do with things then I'd like to admit. I go from feeling strong and able to handle all this divorce business to feeling an inch high and unable to cope. It is getting harder and harder to tell myself lies. Like, you'll be fine in a few days.... Someone will come along and you'll experience a nice satisfying relationship. (Yeah, right when pigs fly)then I tell myself sternly... You don't need a man to be complete or happy( and they don't need batteries either....) oops, bit to much information there! Well lets veer back on the path now. I just want to be with someone for companionship and their ability to drive. I may join yahoo personals and put that in my ad, must have working car and valid drivers license.... Ha! Yeah right. I think I'll go to bed now, safer that way.


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I never imagined "must have valid drivers licence and car" as a qualification in a personal ad! "Must have a job and a savings account", "must be able to reach high shelves and open jars" works for me too.



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