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It is Monday morning and I feel almost on top of the world today. I just walked to the post office and back, it sits at the bottom of a big hill and I am huffing and puffing and sweating when I get to the top of it. But I did it and I tell myself that at least I can walk the hill. But I have muscles in places that have been at the beach drinking those unbrella decorated drinks for three years and they aren't happy about being called back to work!

Yesterday, it was beautiful, 87 degrees, breezy and sunny and a bit humid, so I had the urge to garden. I went shopping, bought a few plants, got the last bag of potting soil available. I felt good, even splurged and ate at the chinese restaurant.

Eating chinese for dinner was a nice change as I have been eating a banana and a bottle of water for dinner to loose some weight. Next week I think, I'll start to walk every night with my friend Sherry. Yesterday was a good day. Today, I'm dressed and showered and been out of the apartment all before 9 a.m. Guess I needed to change my ways some. I also plan on paying bills today. I seem to be slowly inching myself back up to how I used to be pre stroke. I guess it all helps in my illusion that I am getting closer to how I was. I am happier with life in general. I have less tension. I appreciate things more. I do have an internal struggle to make myself get back on the computer. I guess I know what a catapillar feels like as it turns into a butterfly and gets to fly away. I just hope I'm as pretty as a butterfly........ Ha!

I have to go and tangle with the sheets to get them on the bed. I keep putting it off, I can't anymore.



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your walk up the hill made me have to reply. i joined a gym located at the hospital where i was with the stroke. it is located in the cardio care unit and is the USUAL TORTURE CHAMBER, except, there are medical staff on duty. i figured if i stroked again, this is the PLACE to be, lol.


anyway, sure, i have exersized like CRAZY to richard simmons for over a year. however, actually working out WITH MACHINES is a horse of a WHOLE NEW DIFFERENT COLOR!!!!! i went my first time on friday, and before my muscles could argue, again on saturday. my muscles have joined yours with those "umbrella drinks".


i am sore in places i didn't know muscles existed. i MOAN when i get up or walk. i had to do stretch exercizes to get up out of bed, and that was a sight to behold. i'm not giving up though. i'm going back again today, tomorrow, the next day, until i can't go anymore or my muscles cooperate, which ever comes first.


good luck in your walking ventures, and say GOODBYE to our unbrella drink muscles!!!!!



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reading your entry means lot to me, you are true fighter in all sense, its amazing how nicely you are holding and getting your life back together. I guess I have still so much to learn from you, I just can't think of me being on my own and handle eerything by myself, I am not sure if I will be able to rise to occasion


but keep up the good work, and exercise. I try to be happy with my body but I think I need to loose weight from the wrong places such that weight at right places will look good



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