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What I'm reduced to........



Now I wish I could say that I have been reduced weight wise. But I know that isn't so. No I have been reduced to typical small town life. Where the reason becomes clear as to why organizations such as the The Grange came into existence all those years ago. They were started to give the towns people something to do social wise. Kind of like Jean's Old Peoples Grill Nights. My village needs a Handicaps Hop or something. I will whine and say there isn't anything to do here in this town! I'm stuck, no mass transpertation, no where to go. That is until my brother invited me out for tonight. To dinner...... Yup I'm getting out tonight, going on a date with my older brother, he bought tickets to this dinner we are attending this evening and his wife forgot she had already committed to a camp out. I got the better deal I think, dinner is better then camping out anyday in my book. Guess where we're going???? The dress is casual, the affair informal. It is a Sports Awards dinner at school. Think sweats as attire is acceptable? Yup, I'm gonna have cafeteria food again. Now don't go judging me, thinking I'm being snobby. I'm joking of course. I'm glad to get out, see other people, speak with those that will respond with more then a yawn or a lick. I've been taken down off my high horse as my mom always said and I'm now milling about with all the little people. Ha! I see the humor in this, also the sadness that I have been reduced almost to "Poor Me" look at my life. When the good times roll, I'll enjoy them and appreciate them that much more.


PS. Now I have the Cars singing in my head, "Let the Good Times Roll"


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so you are going out with your BROTHER, in SWEATS, to a SCHOOL sports awards dinner, in a CAFETERIA, zzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

it could be worse. i don't know HOW, but i'm sure it could be worse. you are spunky enough, why don't YOU start a sock hop, barn dance, bingo or SOMETHING for god's sake. the stroke didn't kill you, but sounds like the boredom might!!!! lol


you have a good reason to think "poor me", i'd say that about ANYONE stuck in your predicament. i bet you WILL enjoy the good times when they roll again. i certainly hope so, you deserve it!!!!





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You're getting out and about, that's a good thing biggrin.gif .


And remember this evening of food, sweats, and awards were brought to you by a considerate brother, a forgetful wife, and a cape and tight wearing host beer.gif



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Have you called Greyhound about their stops and schedules? Some of them have weekly stops at tiny towns where you can catch a ride to a bigger city for a day of shopping, etc.


Kim, might be on to something. Maybe you could start a club of some kind. Maybe a call it desparate housewives aka women looking for fun.



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