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Every Day Brings About Something New



Do you ever tell yourself that tomorrow will be a different day? Well, for me lately every day is different but brings about something new. When I think about it, being a stroke survivor, every day gives you something else to wonder about other than how will I feel tomorrow when I awake? Looking back over your life can give you many details of how life goes for you over the years of your life.


If it's something you haven't faced yet just keep living it will come about sooner or later! To me it seems like all of a sudden and now when my mind says I got to use the restroom. I listen, because there is no time to waste. That alone makes me very glad I use a scooter so I can get to the men's room while shopping before I wet my pants. I can't imagine me walking in the mall turn a corner and see the sign pointing to the men's restroom being like a block away still.


I suppose that is a body function that has gotten weaker to hold in as you once did without any problems. It sure does make you pay attention to your thoughts. The first thing you think is how far is it to a restroom? I remember when I could hold off going to a restroom when I'm out shopping but not anymore lately. So you get stronger in some areas as time goes along and weaker in some too. Body functions all depend on your state of mind and where you are at the time.


With me here lately every day brings about something new just when you feel your body is getting stronger. I imagine some of the time it's the meds you take doing the day that causes you to go more often than usual. I want to think part of mine has to do with my prostate situation I had for several years and maybe it gets worse as time goes by.


My gladness is I have come this far stroke and all still able to manage by myself at this time so that's a true blessing in my book. I can't bowl any more but I still can drive and go places myself and to me that is a real blessing in my condition by itself. Then I now have to consider my age at 72 this month and still going strong.


I often think about my mom being born in 1898 and had me, her last child, at age 43, I'm just a blessed child in my mind being her 18th child born at home by a Midwife. Of course my dad was 20 years older than her so that may make me more durable I guess? A chip off the old block!


So what ever happens will happen and my hope is I can handle it for many more years to come. I never been a sickly child or had any health issues I know about so whatever catches up with me now I hope there is a cure available. We all must go one day I'm just not rushing to the head of the line.


The Pastor asked Sunday for a show of hands of those wanting to go to Heaven. I didn't raise my hand so he said Brother King I didn't see your hand go up? "I said Sir, I was thinking you wanted us to leave now, I wasn't ready yet!" "As I said every day brings about something new" You can depend on that!


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