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Big Celebrations On The Fourth Of July



Many reasons to celebrate on the 4th of July! I hope you get out and join in the fun in your town just be careful with the fireworks and the young kids around you!


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Fred, here in St. Louis we have the big 3 day celebration down on the riverfront. They have vendors with all kinds of food, celebrity bands performing, an air show and fireworks on the riverfront. We have been there and done that. Even before the stroke we cut back as the crowds or heat just wasn't worth it. I may take Larry up the street to see the fireworks in our area (if he can stay up). lol


Have a great 4th of July.



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Great grands decorated their thongs with red, white and blue ribbons, then hand painted their tee shirta with flags and added thir own touches, sang God Bless America and Happy birthday USA! A very lovely group of girls. No boys were around for this activity; guess they were all playing games on their I-phones! I was trying to stay cool because my a/c had gone out the night before, Drats heat really bothers me to theof passing out.

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