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Awakening To See Another Day A True Blessing



With all the incidents lately and the number of people dying I truly believe it is a real blessing being able to open your eyes and see another day! It's almost unbelievable the number of people killed in the last few days and last week.


In the case of the 19 unique and well trained fire fighters in Arizona it is in my mind a real tragedy how the fire turned and gave them no chance to escape. Nevertheless, they all died doing a job of fighting fires and saving lives and property of many in the path of the fire. It hurt my heart to watch on TV the 19 Hurst carrying their bodies to internment.


Then the train that somehow rolls downhill near Maine to explode tankers carrying crude oil and killing 13 people with many more missing. Shortly thereafter the flight from South Korea carrying nearly 300 people comes in a bit short of the runway and burns sending many people to area hospitals with two young girls confirmed dead.


Not a person on that flight suspected any deaths or life injuries and paralysis they will have when they boarded the flight to San Francisco, California. Then we have the common every day vehicle deaths as a result of people driving and texting behind the wheel. Some have lost their lives just walking and talking with the cell phone to their ear and not watching the crossing lights or the cars.


We awaken each morning by the grace of our Lord from a nights sleep as said we are dead to the world. Should we suffer a stroke and survive that's a true blessing in my opinion. Opinions are the one thing not all people will ever agree upon. Some will call it luck. Others will say it was purely not their time to go.


I have to say from my heart it was a blessing from God above. I say that because how many times do we hear people say "Oh My God" when they come upon death situations in accidents?? They are saying God let them all be alive and in many cases they are but some are not in that incident.


I always tell my wife "Baby, I love you and will see you after you get home." Many times with many people that is not the case. We never know what will or can happen when we are out in the public arena with millions of other people.


I have grown into a habit of saying a prayer before leaving home asking my God for a safe return home. Hug your kids before leaving for school and tell them you love them while asking God to protect them. Still some kids are Bullied and hurt requiring medical attention.


Guns and knives are commonly carried by kids and adults alike these days. Even in auto accidents tempers will flare up, a gun comes out and a person is dead. I don't get out the house as much as I once did but I feel safer in my house. I go out when I have to and I never ride my scooter on the street.


Disable soldiers still on active duty now use scooters and veterans alike but using them on the street is asking for trouble in my opinion. I haul mine in the car to use when I park the car to get me inside the store or building I'm going into.


Awakening to see another day we haven't seen before is by the grace of our Lord. Of course not all people believe in God, that's OK, He still protects them as well. Some just don't believe in what they can't see or in Spirits and they walk and live by sight and not faith.


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Fred -- i really believe it is all preordained -- the date of our death is written before we are even born... and although as mere mortals we struggle to believe we control our destiny , and we do ... but i dont believe the date of death can be changed.. just what we do before the good lord takes us.. so waking happy and blessed to be alive , thankful for what we do have is what our father wants... As parents we want that from our children, them to be gratefull and respectful for what we as parents have provided them with.. And i believe God is the same... God could force us to do anything, but when love is given of free will - that is the best feeling in the whole world... So Fred you are so inspiring to read - your concern for others , your love, your desire to do your best, and your thankfulness to God .. You are aspiring to be the best son any father could ask for-- perfect - nope ( sorry) -- but you do your level best and that is what it is all about.... nancyl

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Thank you Nancy,


I was born and raised by a good old woman back in the day. In the country but managed to get a high school education by staying out of trouble and jail then joined the Army so I could do more for her before she died. I did that by buying her a mobile home, tore down the old leaking roof house and that gave her an indoor toilet for the first time in her life.


I managed to complete college in the Army, get a degree, and do 22 years of service and retired. I was in personnel most of my career so I know how to treat all people with any problems and Lord knows I have had my share looking back over my life.


I don't believe the date of death can be changed either, I been shot twice had the stroke and I'm still here. I have my reasons to believe in almighty God. He has really been good to me!

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Guest hostwill


I'm with you Fred. VietNam shook us up, but look what we survived. Take care my friend and Welcome home!


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