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Summer time Has Arrived In Central Texas



I can say most of the members here at stroke net has been looking and waiting for summer to arrive. Well in my neck of the woods it has arrived with triple digit heat almost every day so far and it's the first two weeks of July. This year may turn out to be one of those long hot summers and perhaps very little rain.


Of course here we are familiar with droughts the last couple years and very low water and lake levels too. I hope to go fishing some but maybe in late evenings before the mosquitoes come out in full force. That sun will be too much for me to deal with from early mornings until I catch my limit. I usually just go out on the pier on my scooter and now I'll need a big umbrella to hide from the sun.


I guess no need to travel to Florida for sun and fun this year I can save those dollars for the fast rising gas prices.


My wife has decided to have all the carpet in the house pulled up except the bedrooms and put down laminated wood flooring including the stairs. She already had title put in the bathrooms, kitchen and entry ways front, back, and garage entry door. Of course we just had a new roof replaced earlier from a big wind storm back in February. She should be okay for years now without any major replacements due.


Maybe when summer comes women feel things should be renewed around the house. For me I can look at it for years without thinking about replacing a thing that will cost me money. We have been in this home for thirteen years now and I think the dishwasher has been used a few times at best but we are on the second refrigerator already and each time a bigger one that holds more food at a time I feel we are eating less and she only cooks on Saturday night for Sunday dinner. From there it's left overs rest of the week.


My wife loves to run up and down the stairs and she got my grand daughter doing the same thing but I got my chair to make the trip up and down. I just hope she doesn't fall in high heels on that laminated wood flooring on the stairs.


She always wanted a two story house and before this we lived in a two story apartment. She is afraid to sleep downstairs thinking about the windows may be broken into but we have an alarm she insures is always turned on day and night. So all the bedrooms are located upstairs naturally.


With this triple digit heat you can really feel it in our bedroom located right over the garage. So our next home improvement may need to be more insulation in the celling over the garage. I know in Texas this won't be the last hot, hot summer time!




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Guest lwisman




And I thought we were hot here! It is 70 now, but back to the 90s next week. So far no triple digits temps.


Houses are endly pits. It seems like there is always something that needs repair or replacement. We also got rid of carpets a few years ago. Tile or wood or laminate is much easier for stroke survivors to maneuver on. Many years ago (pre stroke) I pulled up some carpeting and had it replaced with hard wood floors. I could not believe the amount of dirt that was under the carpet. Yuck. So, tile or wood or laminate is a lot cleaner as well as safer. We do have a piece of carpeting (bound on edges) in the living room. It is industrial strength carpeting so is a much denser weave than most carpet so does not collect as much dirt and is easier to maneuver on. It does give the living room a softer feel.


Take care. Have fun fishing. Be careful in the heat. Enjoy your new floors.



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Lin, you are so right about the amount of dirt under that carpet, they showed it to me yesterday, WOW and I spent all that money having the carpets cleaned for years and they still had spots everywhere.

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