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Well The Installers are Back Laying The Wood Floors And New Carpets



My little wife got so many irons in the fire until she forgets how much stuff is being done while she is at work very day. It was supposed to be completed in three days, not so, they are still hammering away downstairs today but still got to remove the carpet from the staircase and install the laminated wood there after they finish the rooms downstairs today I hope. They are leaving that for last since I use the lift going up and down the stairs all day long.


We are getting quality work from these guys but now it's just two of them doing the finishing work. At first there were a crew of 6 men when they installed the ceramic title in the bathrooms and entry ways. When the inside is completed I'm thinking of repainting the house but first replacing the trim boards at the corners which is nothing but paper particle boards builders use on many homes instead of real wood.


You can see the difference where the yard man has trimmed the grass and the stringer has chipped away around the edges and corners of the trimming. Same way with the wooden fence around the bottom portions of it but it will have to keep standing as it is for a while longer.


We have been in this house for 13 years already and just had the complete roof replaced by the insurance company but the rest of the repairs are on me to pay. I think this flooring will be easier to keep up than getting the carpet shampooed twice a month. We still will have carpet in the bedrooms only but will replace it later down the road with a carpet upgrade.


Over the years we had all of my wife's family here at various times and all of them during hurricane Katrina in 2005. That's when the carpets got stained so bad with them eating and spilling sodas and drinks everywhere. The garage was filled with people too I put duct tape around the garage door edges to keep the cold out and burned the fireplace for heat. That time was truly a family affair.


But you do what you have to do for family in a crisis at times like that. I'm just paying for it now so I'm OK with it and hope it doesn't happen again any time soon. Now is the time to get flooring as they are advertising great bargains on all kinds floors and carpets. Like buy one room get three rooms free and you can pick what you want from what they got.


For that reason these guys stay busy all week long with different customers and they give you more off with each family you recommend to them. Half the choir members my wife has recommended to these guys to do flooring work for them. Other men in his crew are on other jobs now so they are making the money. All I'm hearing on Sundays is they are doing great jobs at their houses.


The deal is you go to the store pick out what you want pay the store for it then pay him for the installation work plus 25.00 to haul it to your house. Not a bad deal when the company trucks want much more for delivery to your home. All they don't use or need they will buy it back from you. I think that's how they have samples to show you what's available at this warehouse which offers very low prices throughout the store.


Well so much for this week who knows what's happening next week? The weather is much cooler in the 90's now and rain too. See Ya!


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Fred, it is exciting to get something new in the house. I have new living room and dining room carpeting on my wish list. I just hate having workers in the house.


We have a new roof which I had to pay for out of pocket, but our insurance premiums have gone down because of the new roof. It was over 20 years old, so it was time.


Watch out for those ceramic floors. We have them in the kitchen and bathrooms. Just a little bit of water dropped can make them treacherous. I love the low maintenance tho.


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Julie the installers showed us the slipping points and how to avoid them even on the stairs. I'm super slow and keep my eyes on my feet and where I'm stepping all the time inside or outside. No falls in years now so I would bet that was why the VA said I was doing very good and they dropped me from home care status.


Much of the ceramic is covered with non slip throw rugs on the entry ways, bathrooms, and kitchen floors. Now we can save 99 dollars a month we were paying Stanley Steemers to clean the carpets all over the house. I couldn't imagine the amount of dirt under the carpet they showed me but 13 years what can I expect? I will be very careful anyway I'm too old to fall and can't get up myself.


We have that hurricane/tornado clause minus flooding in our insurance so once a few shingles are blown away they will replace the entire roof. We are not in a flood zone but that insurance is extremely expensive.


Terry, yes indeed we got a lot going on but it's time and this will not have to be done again for 25 years. I figure my wife will have a roof over her head until she is very old and for me 25 years from now I'll be 97 should I live that long. I thank God we refinanced this home from 30 to 15 years in 2003 a year before the stroke. I got 3 more years to pay and it's all ours. We pay extra payments during the year too! I sure want to experience saving a house note every month for a few years. I'm very conservative and still driving a 2003 ford explorer with 185,000 miles on it.


When you were raised up dirt poor you appreciate life more and try to preserve what you get your hands on by God.

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I think they are in the final stages of completion installing the wood flooring. Just the stairs are left to finish and I got the stair lift chair they have to undo then fasten it back to the wood flooring they put down. My wife bought furniture movers to help slide the big stuff across the floor where it goes.


Hopefully we will be back to normal by this weekend Saturday. Hurray!!!! Seems to me we got more wood flooring than needed for the inside job. If that be the case I may ask them to do our patio too without farther charges! That will be my senior military discount from them!?!? I hope!

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