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A-1 Steak Sauce



First thing I want you all to know is that no one grilled a steak like my Dad. My Dad is a tough act to follow. He married late in life, had seven beautiful babies and adored being a father. Dad was a late-in-life arrival for Grandma and she suffered terrible depression after having Dad, so he was sent off to be raised by an Aunt. I am sure this is why Dad was so devoted to his babies.


We girls are tough. Mom was an icon. We all three say "I am afraid of nothing, I am my Mother's daughter." But we have that soft side from Dad. His baby girls were his precious! We do the lights on the Christmas trees every year because there is only one way to do lights on a Christmas tree - the Dad way. Same thing with grilling!


Bruce did not have the joy of knowing my Dad. We lost him very early. But Bruce knows enough to head for the high grounds at tree decorating time, follows the rules with egg dying at Easter, making the perfect antipasto and flipping a steak one time ONLY on the grill - LOL.


Post stroke: Bruce can no longer grill. One friend did put the grill up on the deck so Bruce could help. But the deck is wood, so while that was a one time event - first year post - it won't happen again. I hope to get a patio off the back of the house for the grill, one day, for Bruce to help out. But for now, I just involve Bruce best I can.


Bruce has to marinate the steak. He has his own ingredients and since he likes his rare, always advises as to time. With the new diet, steak is a treat.


We built an addition off our main house, the kitchen. You go out onto a landing - about 5 ft x 5 ft. Four steps down into the mud room, Bruce's office, garage and back door. Ten steps up into the master bed and bath and my office. So not much room. On that landing are two storage cabinets - pantry so to speak.


We were prepping grocery list. Last week we used up the last of the A-1 steak sauce. It was on sale and I mentioned if we needed it. Mr Smart "A" says "no we have two." In cabinet, on the landing. Heart in throat. If he goes too far back in that WC, he is down four steps! Plus what is he doing out there anyway? And he sure didn't do it when I was home or a caregiver was here. Gotta love him. Debbie


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And you do and we do ( love him that is)... we just never know what they might think of to do - or not do... love them just the same and say that prayer ... please, please be OK... as we are watching "that moment" leaning to far out of the chair, transfering in a unfamiliar and not so handicap friendly place, we just never know... but maybe thats a gift..

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just as i wrote that and posted it i thought of a moment to share with others- just in case and a who woulda "thunk it"...... when parking in a handicap area and the line or lines happen to be right in the spot of where our loved ones get out-- that paint when wet can be very , very slippery.. we learned this the almost hard way also if there is any dirt on them they are slippery.... no there is a moment i would hate to report my husband fell on a handicap paint line... life is WIERD...nancyl

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I for one here on stroke board will be glad when Bruce is out of that WC by what you mentioned about the space on the landing and I'm thinking with no rails? He has come too far to get a set back now. Just when he is starting to be more active when you are not home.


I want so bad to meet all of you as all of you have had a chance to be together and go on vacations including the casino. I say daily maybe one day that can happen. It's like I already know you all just never met in person.


I had a BBQ shed built in my back yard and I love it. Fiberglass roof, screen around the top portion half and siding on the bottom with a cement floor and screen door wide enough to get my scooter inside to sit on while I BBQ. I got two pits in there, a small frig with gas grill on top, ceiling fan too and room to sit for about 8 people.

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Personally, I am glad when Ray extends himself but I don't know about it til after. His brother last year bought a Porsche Carrera and came to give Ray a spin. I had my eye out for their return, didn't really relax for the 20 minutes or so they were gone. Like Ray, his brother is a speed demon, and I knew he came out here to the "country" to really let it rip. Well they got back fine and Ray popped out of the car with a big smile on his face. His brother admitted he had hit 130 MPH. I was like, well glad I didn't know that while it was happening, but OK, they're back safe.


When I told his sister, she freaked out and said she'd never speak to either of them again! But she doesn't know that I live on the edge every day, and this is just one more triumph in Ray's survival. A good omen if you will. When Ray had the Corvette, he hit over 100 plenty of times, occasionally with me along for the ride (not that I enjoyed it like him!)


Fred that BBQ pit sounds fantastic! I'm lucky if I get around to even using charcoal these days. The grill used to be Ray's job. But I have a little experience luckily, so we're not starving.

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I do love to grill - less kitchen mess to clean up and it doesn't heat up the kitchen. But because of my Dad's legacy, I mostly insisted anyway. But steak was always up to Bruce. Colleen, I also use charcoal.


I too love Fred's BBQ pit. If I am going to put in a patio anyway, go the whole nine yards. I will be limited as to season, unlike Texas, but still I am out there most nights anyway and that may even extend the season.


But yes, those nights I turned the corner coming home from work and no caregiver car were the some of my most anxious. Fortunately front door is glass and I can see Bruce when I pull in the driveway - but Colleen is right. Mostly by now I can put the anxiety lever on low most of the day. When hit in the face with it, zoom up to high. If I hear about it hours or days later, well anxiety lever goes up a bit, but I can get over it quickly because all is well and he is safe. Thank you all for your responses. He can be maddening! LOL.

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