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Big Day



First, I will tell you that 37626 is now JustSally so you don't get more confused.


Now...today is a big day at our house. It is Gracie's appointed birthday (we don't really know which day that was since she was a rescue). Soon, we will have her birthday "party" - a can of kitty tuna topped with a big bow - and my bad rendition of "happy birthday". It may sound 'silly' but, she is my family, now - she will celebrate with me when it comes my birthday. Fair's fair :)


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In a few weeks, my sister In law is having a birthday party for her dog. Since I always bring dessert, I was just now googling recipes for a doggie cake; there are plenty with carrots, peanut butter, bananas and the like. Should be interesting.


My cats however, they get whatever their favorite food is on their special day. With the Siamese it was always Chinese food. Our next in line, Mooch, who just passed away last week, always had brisket, the food that drew him to our doorstep originally. Minx isn't much of a people food eater, except for shrimp. She will just about jump into the pot while it's boiling. Moxie, the little one, isn't much of a people food cat, but I usually dream up something like Greenies cat treats. Those we don't share though.


It's not weird at all, everyone should have a birthday celebration once a year! Including our pets.

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Everybody in my family chose his/her 'cake'....my hubby wanted banana cream pie, I have pumpkin pie, my mom wanted strawberry shortcake, and my dad had chocolate cake. Why not what our furbabys prefer, too? Gracie loves tuna with a catnip chaser. :)

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That is sweet of you but, she says she was very happy with her kitty tuna, catnip after her bath in my chair, and after dinner tapioca. She didn't even mind my singing too much. She thanks everyone who wished her a happy birthday, too. Who knows what next year will bring so, let's not plan too far ahead. This year she got to be home again with her forever family (me) instead of at the rescue place. It was a happy birthday.

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